Any recommendations for a Bluetooth headset for Treo 650?

The choices for Bluetooth hands-free headsets are dizzying — anyone got any recommendations?

I’m not looking for “style,” because I don’t believe it exists when it comes to a Bluetooth headset, and any claims to the contrary by vendors are patently false. I’m not planning to wear it everywhere I go — just in the car.

I’ve always found it incredibly distracting to carry on a conversation with someone who wears a headset as a permanent fashion accessory. If I ever become one of those guys, I beg of you. . . please come rip that thing off my ear and crush it on the sidewalk. I promise I will thank you.

5 thoughts on “Any recommendations for a Bluetooth headset for Treo 650?

  1. After trying about 10 headsets I settled on the Sony HBH-660. It is small/lightweight, has good talk time and most importantly it stays connected to my Audiovox PPC. Staying connected seems to be the number one issue for Bluetooth headsets. You would expect connectivity to be a non-issue but for some reason about 2/3 of the headsets I tried had this problem.


  2. Hey Chad,
    Since you are using a treo 650, I’d suggest using a wired headset. In my experience, using bluetooth headsets with the 650 just becomes frustrating because of reliability issues. Sometimes, I will end up having to yell because it’s the only way the people on the other line can hear me. Other times my phone reboots itself.

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