Warning Bloglines subscribers: some feed changes

Now that I’ve written about the wrong way to work with your feeds if you use FeedBurner and have Bloglines subscribers, I decided to make another go at doing it right today.

First, this only affects about 25 subscribers — those who are subscribed to my “orphan” (i.e. non-FeedBurner) feeds in Bloglines. The majority of my Bloglines subscribers are subscribed to the “right” feed (the FeedBurner one). Later on tonight, after I’ve confirmed that Bloglines has pulled this post into those orphan feeds, I’m going to do a permanent 301 redirect over to FeedBurner. According to Mark Fletcher’s post in the comments at Russell Beattie’s blog, “301 redirects should automatically redirect/remove feeds in the system.” Here’s hoping none of you get hit by the “remove” side of the equation.

Looking at my logs, these are the URLs that are being requested that will soon have permanent 301 redirects to my FeedBurner feed (for the novices out there, here’s a document with the http status codes for your reading enjoyment):

Or, you can just ignore all that needlessly technical stuff and subscribe to the proper feed in Bloglines by clicking on the button below. If everything works as it should, you won’t even have to do that.

I’ll report back in a few days on how well the 301 redirects handled things.

Update, 7:48pm PT: The Bloglines bot visited one last time, and now the 301 redirects have been put in place.