The Chad, Vlad, and Marco club at Yahoo!

Little did I know that when I joined Yahoo! , I would be joining a “Chads, Vlads, and Marcos” club. On Friday, I got an e-mail from one of my fellow Chads noting that I am Chad #6 in the Search & Marketplace group (I am Number Six) and pointing me to an intranet page entitled “Handy Guide to Chads, Vlads, and Marcos” with photos of all of us (in addition to the six Chads, there are three Vlads, and four Marcos). Then I was asked for my t-shirt size — this is more than just a page on the intranet.

I’m looking forward to my “Chads, Vlads, and Marcos” t-shirt. I promise to represent Chads, Vlads, and Marcos well.

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