I'm not at SXSW, but the Shiners are on me

Yeah, I’m not in Austin this year. Between a speaking commitment here in the Bay Area tomorrow and a wedding-related commitment on Saturday, the schedule just didn’t work. Sigh.

Never fear, though — there are plenty of good folks from Yahoo. Be sure to hook up with the MyBlogLog guys, or the Yahoo! Developer Network team — Kent Brewster, Jason Levitt (who moderated this panel), and Dan Theurer. If you see any of them, tell them I said the Shiner is on me. Or just show up at Yahoo! BarTab and cut out the middleman.

See you in Austin next year!

3 thoughts on “I'm not at SXSW, but the Shiners are on me

  1. developerWorks would love to collaborate with you on the next Hack Day…great stuff. Missed your presentation at the Evans DRC due to a press interview, but heard from my team that it was great! I am now happily back home in Austin and will be attending SXSW events the rest of the week… Sorry you couldn’t be here too! Will enjoy a Shiner on your behalf ; – )
    Kathy Mandelstein

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