Jon Udell and Yahoo! Pipes

I read Jon Udell’s post about Yahoo! Pipes today in which he said of Pipes: It delights me! I’m not sure if Jon remembers this or not, but when I had him over to Yahoo! to give a talk last March, Pipes creator Pasha Sadri described the general concept (then just floating around in his head) to Jon in a really fun session after Jon’s talk. I happened to snap a grainy cameraphone shot of the exchange:

Pasha Sadri and Jon Udell

If Pipes is a milestone in the history of the Internet, this shot feels like an important historical artifact. As Tim O’Reilly wrote today, some of the concepts Jon has been talking about for years were realized in Pipes. Tim also noted:

. . . it really is amazing how easily we forget the details of the past, and how important it is for future history for us to keep our notes. It gives real perspective on more distant history when you realize how hard it is to remember the sequence of events, and who influenced whom. . .

I’m glad to have that shot to remind us.

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