MyBlogLog is now part of Yahoo!

Yes, MyBlogLog and Yahoo! have joined forces, and I couldn’t be more pumped. For details, check out my post to the Yahoo! corporate blog. If you’re reading this and haven’t checked out MyBlogLog yet, you’re missing out — go sign up!

Congrats Todd, Eric, Scott, John, and Steve! Here’s their post on the MyBlogLog blog.

Update: Oh yeah, I forgot to say that MyBlogLog is joining the Yahoo! Developer Network team.

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8 thoughts on “MyBlogLog is now part of Yahoo!

  1. I think this falls into the category of leading “when did you start beating your wife” questions and actively ignores Yahoo’s success stories (flickr, upcoming,, but I’ll respond anyway — we’re going to make it better, just give us a chance.

  2. Thank you, Chad. That is the first positive anything I’ve heard from ANYone at Yahoo about If it took a comment that teeters on the edge of “wifebeater-dom” to get ANYone at Yahoo to respond to my question, then hey! it worked! yay for me.

    I inquire about the status of as a former exceedingly loyal user of the service. It was a tool that I used on a day-in day-out basis. Multiple times per day. Prominent link on my Bookmarks toolbar folder on Firefox. And when its performance got shaky and finally broke altogether, I lost the use of an important tool. The site stopped working. No word about what it means. Whether it’s goodbye forever.

    I’ve been trying for a loooong time to learn what’s up with the site. It’s not as though I’ve been trying on a daily basis, but I’ve tried off and on to get an answer about what’s going on with for months. years, even. (when search was disabled). I blogged about it quite a bit on my site. It got listed as part of my Four Sites I check daily.

    When Yodel Anecdotal was launched, I poked around for word on Nope, no listing on it for the Yahoo blogs in the sidebar on Yodel Anecdotal. A search for “” from that site would result in one of those “must be a typo” redirects: “Do you mean ‘blogs’?” (Ahem. WTF, over? I’m trying to find out about a web service that you bought. Don’t you know you bought it and it’s yours? Um, apparently not.) Of course, since I wrote my wifebeater question there, now *that* comment shows up instead as part of the post introducing the site. Still no one at yahoo on a Yahoo blog acknowledges the presence of

    Your framing it as ignoring “Yahoo’s success stories” is, I’m sorry to say, inadequate and off the point for me. Although I couldn’t be happier about your other success stories, your stock options, and all those happy-happy-joy-joy stuff seen through product managerial or product developmental eyes, I view and its brokenness and dearth of status notification from the eyes of an end user, whose tools just stopped working.

    I look at it as how you are ignoring your users. You are ignoring those who used to rely on the site as an important tool in daily web life.

    Here are some specific instances to illustrate how that is the exception to the cluetrain-inspired, Web 2.0 expectations that “we hear you and we respond:”

    News about The highlights of the most recent post about is news that Yahoo bought it. Date. June 14, 2005. Eighteen months ago. See the news page:

    Sounds like abandonment to me.

    There is a Contact Us page on
    Back when Jim Winstead ran, I’d use that to communicate about outdated stuff, and would get responses. So that was the first place I attempted to go to inquire about why the search function was broken. No response.

    So I stopped trying.

    More recently, about a month ago, my list of favorites and their most recent updates stopped working as of 11 December. There is no word on the site why this stopped. No “pardon our dust; we’re working on it.” Just. stopped. working.

    Sounds like abandonment to me.

    So yeah, maybe I’m coming across all accusatory-like. But it’s the last gasp communication from someone who used and loved the service. Who tried to get some word about its status.

    If it takes a slap in the face of some other success (as it happens, I use mybloglog daily) in order to get an answer to questions that I have had for over a year now, well then, like I said, yay for me.

    Chad, please look at this as an opportunity to communicate with your user base.

    Please post on the Yodel Anecodotal blog about

    Please update the site with a current status message.

    Please tell us how long we have to wait (is it years, not months? Months not weeks? Weeks, not days?) until you “make it better”?

    Please give some public acknowledgement that is, in fact, a part of active development and support in the Yahoo stable of web services.

  3. Ah, ok, so I’m not the only one facing a dead since Dec. 06.

    It was a great way to track your blogroll on your site…now, any alternatives?

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