We're hiring for the YDN Bangalore team

In addition to the Yahoo! Developer Network team at Yahoo! HQ in Sunnyvale, California, we also have a small team of developers in our Bangalore, India office who work with us on our core projects. I visited Bangalore in April for their Hack Day before I was directly involved with YDN, and I was really impressed with the talent and creativity in the office there, so when I joined YDN, I was looking forward to working with the team there more closely on “real” YDN projects (though being Hack Day maestro was fun, too).

Right now, we have an open position on the Bangalore team. Here’s the semi-official job description:

Yahoo! R&D, Bangalore is looking for a strong senior engineer/lead engineer for its team that works for Yahoo! Developer Network (http://developer.yahoo.com/). Opportunities and challenges include designing, building and evolving products in the emerging areas of web services and web platforms. Technical requirements for the job include C++, Unix and/or web services/XML skills. Also important are: innovative mindset, ability to learn quickly and desire to work in the fast-paced Internet industry. Experience in building highly-scalable high-performance systems is a big plus.

If you live in Bangalore and are interested in working with us, please send your resume to me at my Yahoo! address (chadd@yahoo-inc.com) and tell me why you want to work for YDN (I will forward them on to Pankaj, our hiring manager there). Note (and I hate to say this but past experiences suggests that I have to): any resumes from staffing agencies for this position (or any others) will be ignored, so please don’t take my post here as an open invitation to send me resumes. I want to interact directly with the candidates without professional intermediaries. Of course, I will gladly accept referrals from other developers in Bangalore for their friends, especially from people I met on my visit there.

Also, if you want to have a look around the office, a search for “yahoo bangalore” on Flickr turns up almost 2,000 photos, including some I took during my visit in April.

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