I am not the founder of InfoWorld

There’s an article about what we’re doing at Yahoo! in the UK Guardian today that is worth reading (“Search for a fresher taste“), but there’s one thing factually wrong with this sentence (and also one stylistic tweak):

Through a series of hires and acquisitions, Yahoo is clearly assembling a squad of innovators and forward thinkers. Schachter joins a list of employees including Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake, the founder of technology news service Infoworld, Chad Dickerson, and blogging technology academics such as Danah Boyd and Cameron Marlow.

Though I would claim it with utter pride if it was true, I am not the founder of InfoWorld. Had I founded InfoWorld in 1979, many child labor laws would have been violated, I’m sure (I was seven at the time). InfoWorld’s 25th anniversary issue was published in late 2003. That being said, I am honored to be mentioned at all in the company of people like Caterina, danah (yes, lowercase — that’s the stylistic tweak) and Cameron, both of whom are far more than mere “blogging technology academics.” Nothing like working with brilliant people who are also a lot of fun.

Update: Look in the comments for one from Bobbie at the Guardian — they are going to correct the error. These things happen. I am impressed with the thoughtful follow-up and remain proud of my association with InfoWorld and the work I did there as CTO.

2 thoughts on “I am not the founder of InfoWorld

  1. Hi Chad
    Sorry, it was my error (don’t quite know how it emerged) and I’ll get it corrected as soon as I can. As for the other notes that’s a case of time, space and the rules of our style guide in operation.

  2. Just so you know – my name is actually not just stylistically lower-cased, it’s legally so. Of course, everyone’s print style guides always trump what the paperwork says. Tis what i get for spending an extra few weeks in the womb and driving my mom batty.

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