A coding Christmas

The holidays make me a little reflective, and this year I realized something about my career that really blew my mind — for the first time since 1994, I am not directly responsible for production code or production systems! I can’t recall any particularly ruined holidays in the past (except a vicious DOS attack on July 4th one year), but in my past work, there has always been at least the possibility that a major system would have a problem and I would be responsible for dealing with it (or at least making the dreaded call to the person on my team who would have to deal with it). Right now (though I am super-busy), I don’t even have root on a single system at work. I might be lucky in that regard this year, but I will raise a virtual glass to all the people who keep the systems running during the holidays. . . . you deserve our thanks. Here’s hoping that your pagers and cell phones are silent during this holiday season.

I’ll be using the holiday opportunity to catch up on some non-tech reading, movies, guitar playing, etc., but Im also planning to get some hands-on time with some of the geek stuff I’m been too busy to play with lately, namely: Greasemonkey (using Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Greasemonkey), the super-cool new JSON stuff we’re offering at Yahoo!, and some miscellaneous blog tweaks. Yes, “fun” comes in many different forms.