Some old systems (almost) never die

It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about Solaris running on Oracle (having long since moved over to Linux/MySQL for most things), but I was recently contacted by the VP of Technology at one of my old employers with a question about an Oracle database I had set up there about six and a half years ago. They were migrating to a new server from the server I had set up and had a minor problem in the process. I was offline for most of the day yesterday, so by the time I got back to them, they had solved the problem. As far as I know, the old server had been running fairly problem-free for six and a half years since I set it up (and I was an amateur Oracle DBA at best — absolutely no credit is due to me).

Say what you want about Solaris or Oracle, but from a pure technology standpoint, it’s a pretty problem-free combo in my experience. I’m not saying I’m recommending that combo now, but it definitely works (at least that old version).

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Linux / MySQL program. . . .

3 thoughts on “Some old systems (almost) never die

  1. jeffrey,
    that’s the universal truth about software. Writing new software is easier than changing old software 🙂

    By the way, the big complaint about solaris/oracle is not that they do not work. It’s that they cost way more than they should 🙂

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