Joining Yahoo!

Yes, folks, I announced today that I am leaving InfoWorld after four and a half amazing years to join Yahoo, working within the Technology Development group in the Search division (Jeremy gives a few hints as to what we’ll all be doing over there). I’m particularly excited that I’ll be spending some time working with the fine folks at the brand-spanking-new Yahoo! Research Labs Berkeley, a nicely bike-able 1.3 miles from my house in Berkeley (and not too far from the beautiful mountain bike trail in Tilden Regional Park you see in the header graphic on my blog).

My second-to-last column at InfoWorld (“Exiting in good faith“) came out today and talks about the right way to leave a job — a really important topic that I could only write once (my last column will, of course, be a tearjerker). After I finish up at InfoWorld at the end of this week, I’ll be taking a short break before starting at Yahoo on August 15 — expect heavier posting here shortly thereafter. My personal e-mail is chad -AT- chaddickerson -DOT- com if you would like to say hello between now and then — please do.

Update: Thanks to everyone for their congratulations and well-wishes in IM, phone calls, e-mail, and blogs (Matt, Jeremy, and Mike). It’s great hearing from old friends and exciting to think about making some new ones in the new role.

13 thoughts on “Joining Yahoo!

  1. hi there,

    been a long time infoworld reader and do appreciate the changes to site the last few years.

    Initially, I didn’t like the changes to the layout and look since it changed the familiar look and feel but I have slowly learnt to ignore and then like the new one.

    Good luck with your new gig.


  2. Chad,

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your column over the last four years. Each week I was treated to your honest insight and thoughtful commentary. Thank you for sharing.

    Steven Griffin
    CTO – BayStar Capital Management

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  4. I just came across your blog via another link. Great read, but being from Cal/berkeley and now living in nyc and dearly missing the sky trail hike in tilden..I was very very happy to see it as your header///its now my screensaver..thanks..

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