We are hiring at Etsy – come join us!

I’m hiring a few key positions on the engineering team at Etsy. See the links below for more details, but before you jump to read them, I wanted to say a little more about the type of person I’m looking for. Of course, I want people who write great code and get things done, but more than anything else, I want to hire people who care about the buyers and sellers that make Etsy what it is.

These are jobs that matter. Each of these positions is a dream job (I know mine is!) You will be building new features for and maintaining a marketplace that creative people around the world depend on to make a living. You will be helping enable and surface beautiful stories like the stories of Robin and Kathy Tucker of woodmosaics. If you read their profile, you’ll learn about how Robin developed his style and approach to woodworking, and what tools he uses, including the foot-powered table saw he made with his brother. The profile ends with this:

I know of no better way to make wood stand out and be truly beautiful.

For a lot of people, this is what dreams are made of, they dream of buying it and I dream of selling it.

Dreams do come true!

How many places can you work where your community says you make dreams come true?

Despite some of the gloom-and-doom in the larger economy, Etsy continues to grow. When I’m talking to people about Etsy as a business, I always ask, “Want to guess what the biggest three days in the history of Etsy were?” Usually, the person thinks for a bit and guesses “the day after Thanksgiving last year” and a few other random days. If I ever ask you that question, here’s a hint. Lately, the answer is nearly always the same: the three biggest days in history at Etsy were yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. You can read some of the numbers yourself in the monthly updates on our blog. The growth of Etsy is a testament to the continued passion and dedication of the community that you would be working hard to support.

Here are the positions we’re hiring (all are based in Brooklyn):

  1. ArchitectDirector of Engineering
  2. UI Engineering Lead (hired)

If any of these sound like a dream role for you, and you find Etsy as inspiring as I do (just do a search for “love etsy“), please email me with your resume and tell me why you’re the perfect person to join the engineering team at Etsy (chad -at- etsy dot com).

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  1. A friend just told me about ETSY.
    Love the products and how you support
    hand-made items. But please explain the
    name. Where did the name of the company
    come from. (I’m in marketing and am curious).

    Martha O’Kelley
    McDonough, GA

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