A quick report from the trenches at Etsy

“Busy” does not adequately describe my first two weeks living in Brooklyn and working at Etsy.

To give you a glimpse into what I’ve been doing and dealing with, check out my first post on Etsy’s blog, the Storque and the resulting forum thread on Etsy’s forums.

I’ve had to jump in head first and there are plenty of challenges, but I’m loving it. Expect light posting here while I focus on the work at hand.

3 thoughts on “A quick report from the trenches at Etsy

  1. Chad, I have experienced first hand the problems that Etsy is having. From the search issues to the listing delay. I am sure it feels like you have stepped into a sinking can of worms. I have help for you. Here is a website of a man who specializes in software issues like Etsy’s. I promise you, he can help to solve the problems. Here is his website. His name is Jason Franco and he does amazing work and can help the Etsy website before it crashes.


  2. Good to know about this experience of your chad..In my experience, small incidences like these really help in sorting about big problems ahead in time so thanks again for sharing it with us!

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