Best broadband ISP in NYC (Brooklyn)?

I’m getting down to brass tacks on my move to Brooklyn (just ordered the gas and electric hookup this morning) and I’m ready to set up my broadband account. For the past several years, I have been a happy customer of Speakeasy’s OneLink Select Plus service. It’s more expensive than the Comcasts and Time Warners of the world, but I’ve never had a single problem in four years as a customer, which is remarkable. Here’s what I get:

  • 6mbps down / 768 kbps up
  • 4 static IPs
  • great customer service (very rarely used, but when I call, the person on the other end of the line is smart and empowered)

So, I could re-up with Speakeasy in NY (which I’m leaning towards, but don’t know if their quality is better/worse out there), or I could consider other options. The high-speed Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse services are not available in my area. Any thoughts?

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  1. Hey Chad,

    I worked for both Time Warner and Comcast..the big thing beween the two was money. Comcast was a cheap skate when it came to replacing lines. We had tons of upset customers daily because of equipment going down over and over again. They sold out to Time Warner and immediately TWC began to spend millions in new equipment in the ground. They turned the Dallas market around within a couple of years. If you ever have to go with somebody else, go with TWC. I hated working for them but they do provide the best product and are smart business people.

    Ty Fowler

  2. Hi Chad,

    Interesting blog. Everything from development to bikes! Considering your struggle to find a decent ISP in Brooklyn is one millions of New Yorkers face. Not only because of “gaps” in providers, but also because of cost. Given Obama’s call for government-funded broadband, this is obviously a timely issue. I thought you would be interested in this panel discussion with Greg Goldman, CEO of Wireless Philly who will share the challenges in bringing free wifi to all residents. Rachel Sterne, NYC’s new Chief Digital Officer will be doing keynote on how broadband can affect venture capital in NYC.

    This is not a spam, perse, I’m just sure you would like know about this important event. Particularly in context of building “smart cities” which includes BIKE LANES.

  3. TimeWarner has been my ISP for about the last 6-7 years. I just moved to Brooklyn (Ft. Greene) from Flushing NY. Let me tell you – TimeWarner is the MOST garbage company on the planet! The “high-speed” service is total B.S. I’ve had nothing but problems with them… Download is good some of the times (clocks in at about 18mbps DL – but it goes out at least once or twice a week COMPLETELY). Currently I haven’t had internet of any kind for about 10 days > no solutions from the tech folks – and it drives me bananas when they come-on the phone talking about “…well, let’s unplug your modem…” FOR 14,000th time!? It’s NOT the modem dipshit!!! Before my internet went-out completely, I had ZERO upload capacity. You couldn’t send a 10kb gif to someone if you wanted to – NOTHING. But mysteriously, TimeWarner’s automatic billing system – – THAT never has any hiccups. That always promptly sends me a reminder e-mail that I’m about to be raped for $160. I hate TimeWarner with a passion.

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