And in the end. . .

Today is my last day at Yahoo! and last night what I thought was going to be a small gathering of friends for drinks at 21st Amendment blew up into a bona fide party. At some moment during the party, I realized that four former Brickhouse leaders were all there (Scott Gatz, Salim Ismail, and Bradley Horowitz), then the Beatles popped into my head, and then I remembered the crosswalk out on 2nd Street that I’ve walked through so many times. Hmmmm. . . . .

Within minutes, I had gathered Scott, Salim, and Bradley outside and I started taking my shoes off. Bradley looked up the real Abbey Road cover on his iPhone while we were standing in the middle of the street. Sara Wood stopped traffic briefly and Ricky Montalvo took the shot (and later made it incredibly stylish). I can’t imagine a more memorable and playful image to mark the end of my time at Yahoo — thanks, Bradley, Salim, Scott, Ricky, and Sara!

brickhouse abbey road

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