Fire Eagle!

A big congrats to the Fire Eagle team for launching the developer beta of the service today, especially to Tom Coates who is standing on stage in front of me at eTech making the formal announcement as I write this.

While the magic of Fire Eagle is primarily on the backend where developers play, the Fire Eagle site itself is a true delight (just like the team that built it). Beautifully done. I’m really proud of the team.


Ping me if you want invites. Those of you who have them, go forth and build some apps!

While we’ve been testing over the past few weeks, the FireEagle integration that I’ve enjoyed the most is the one done by the good folks over at Dopplr. After our announcement this morning, Matt Biddulph posted the details on the integration over at the Dopplr blog. If you’re a Dopplr user, read Matt’s post and link up with Fire Eagle here.

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