You never forget your first

For reasons that make little practical sense, I’ve been holding on to the same email account for 13 years now, paying $9.95/month for a dial-up account that I never used just to keep the address. I just cancelled it today: is no more. The customer service rep sounded uniquely pained when she noticed that my account originated in August 1996. The address actually reaches farther back than that. It was my first e-mail account (sort of).

When I got my first e-mail account at work in early 1994, it was (the visionaries at the News & Observer started an ISP — back when newspapers still could be bold and daring). It was from my address that I sent my first emails and made a number of silly USENET posts. When Mindspring bought the ISP business, my beloved email address became Then Earthlink bought Mindspring and my account went along with it.

So, bye-bye — I will always remember you as my first.