iPhone: resistance is futile

After days of resistance, I decided I was probably going to get an iPhone, but they were all sold out in the Bay Area, so I backed off. Then yesterday, I happened to be in Seattle with some Yahoo! Seattle geeks (did I mention we are hiring up there?) and they just happened to take me to lunch at a place that was right by the Apple Store. Then one of the guys just happened to go buy one while we ordered lunch for him. When he came back, he said they were fully stocked with the 8GB model. When I saw the pretty bag with the pretty box inside, I lost all resolve.

Originally, I told myself I was going to buy a new guitar instead — something that I could use to create rather than consume. Oh, well: consumption never felt so good!

5 thoughts on “iPhone: resistance is futile

  1. lol – resistance is futile is a great title for this situation chad – i too am resisting, telling myself to wait for v2, wait for the 3g network, wait to understand the true battery consumption – and then i get iphones handed to me all day by friends and co-workers – early adopters and gadget junkies – which is really what they’re doing, dealing – join our cult – the iphone cult – so the moral is – if intervention is ever needed, you can count on me – at least until i give in the the pressure that is 😉

  2. So I guess you went to the Ram?

    I think waiting makes sense, unless you can afford it now, of course (I’m sure a lot of that first million sold are being expensed 😉 )

    And as appealing as Yahoo! sounds, Bellevue isn’t Seattle, anymore than Oakland is San Francisco, and at times no more accessible.

  3. that giant sucking sound is the time-suck you will now be in as you try to sync everything to everything else, and have to demo the device to all your friends. . . including me!

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