100 emails at 2:45pm

On a quiet Friday, I decided to see just how many emails I get in the course of a day at work. At 2:45pm, I passed the 100 email mark just for today. I agressively filter mailing lists, bulk mailings, etc. so these are 100 “real” emails.

Reading all of these, of course, is untenable if one hopes to get any “real work” done. Answering them all would be tantamount to dereliction of my real duties. So, for all the kind people out there who have sent me email and are awaiting a response, my apologies — I love you all. (There’s a certain asymmetry about email anyway — the more you answer, the more you get).

Check out this post in January where I had gotten my inbox down to zero. So long ago. . . . now my inbox is at 6400 emails.

Time to declare email bankruptcy?

Update: My Yahoo! colleague Cody Simms offers an “apology” for putting a few of those 100 emails in my inbox. No problem, Cody — yours were awesome. 🙂 One thing that I didn’t make clear in the original post is that the biggest problem with the email deluge is that most of them are interesting things from interesting people (seriously). I actually really do wish I could get to all of them (ok, well not all. . . . )

2 thoughts on “100 emails at 2:45pm

  1. Chad,
    As someone guilty for sending a few of those artery cloggers yesterday, thanks for still corresponding with me.

    And I declared email bankruptcy long ago. My only filing system is Yahoo! Desktop Search…


  2. I feel so guilty about texting you earlier about a testimonial! 😦
    Sorry, Chad–I don’t think I can concieve of how busy you are these days.

    And neither can Jabari.

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