Apple sucks

Over the weekend, in getting ready for my trip Bangalore (via London, where I sit now with a long layover), I decided to download some episodes of “The Office” from the iTunes video store. I downloaded a few hours worth of video, dutifully paying for the video using the account I’ve used for all my iTunes purchases in the past.

After settling into my seat for the 10 hour flight to London, I booted up my laptop, ready to enjoy the videos I had downloaded and presumably paid for. Imagine my horror when I clicked “play” on the first episode and got this screen:

iTunes authorization screen

Of course, you have to be connected to the Internet to authorize, so I was out of luck for my whole flight.

Apple, you suck. (At the very least, build the authorization step into the download process — aren’t you known for obsessive user focus?)

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  1. ouch – that does such chad…

    i’ve been tivo’g my favorites and then putting them on dvd’s or even my psp lately, for just the reason you’re calling out – i wanted much more control of my desired media than what apple (or others) wanted to let go of…

  2. Maaaaan that sucks!
    What i find Bizarre is the ipod has an internal battery. Its alot more practical to own an MP3 player that uses regular batteries. Especially if you travel alot. I do.

    I used an ipod for a long trip, and man its a nice toy but an impractical music player.

    Chad, I recommend you just get rid of your computer and enjoy your trip!

  3. i just sold my ipod video, will be selling my imac g5, and never wanna hear about ‘apple supremacy’ again. apple sucks.

    i’ll go with my sony vaio laptop and a new (non ipod) MP3 player.

  4. Dude , you should have tested the songs with a net connection. You dont need a new laptop, you need some brains. If you are a iTUnes user , you should have know copying songs would need reauthorization. Get the “i” in iTunes? And for a mistake of yours, Apple Computers doesn’t suck. Get a life!!

  5. Yes, Apple sucks:

    1. iPod is the worst comsumer electronics product I have ever owned. It broke 5 times in less than 2 years and cost me hundreds in repairs. Lawsuit time.

    2. Can’t install Quicktime on my PC without an error. Can’t uninstall Quicktime on my PC without an error. Now it’s just stuck there totally dysfunctional. Another POS product from Apple.

  6. Since, apple switched hardware manufactuing form Tiwain to China, as well as getting popular; as well as Switching to intel; as well as opening retail stores; as well as hiring loser jock staff that had never owned a mac; as well as selling out; and as well as forgoing quality for price so that loser jocks could afford them… They have SUCKED ROYAL ASS… I miss the good old days of apple computers just working… Who would have guessed that all apple ever had to do to sell more computers was build them more shitty like PC’s… Man why do loser jocks rule the world???… APPLE YOU TRULEY DO SUCK…

  7. Apple has sucked for a LOOOOONG time. Did you think the addition of their new iFag line would have changed anything?

  8. Apple is the best! No virus no spam. Fast reliable and solid. Not like a pC. Kicked my Vaio Tower out of the window and was happy it was gone after i brought in my G5 flagship! Apple good work!!

  9. mate i total agree with you, but you should of downlaoded those episodes from bearshare or limewire for free and it is legal to, and im sure they whould have been as good quality 2.

  10. the apple company is a bunch of cheats and liars. heres proof, for you bunch of brainwashed, over-stimulated, starbuck’s drinking corporate whores:

    it’s really fascinating to see every almost person that owns a mac product become so over zealously defensive when you say “in the most factual terms, the actual cost verses specification of an apple piece of hardware is virtually less competent piece of hardware than the competing product of the same price VS specification”
    …macky wacky men respond with “NO DUDE, your wrong!”

    alright, DUDE, your iced latte is melting.

  11. God I hate apple SO MUCH! I got an iPod mini, and after MONTHS OF WAITING, I went to the apple store and those idiots said they didn’t replace batteries anymore! Okay, fine! got an iPod mini battery replacement kit, waited a week for delivery, and the tools they provided were too big! They destroyed the screws and now I can’t even open it.

  12. Yes, because 3rd party tools are apple’s fault…idiot. Just get enough money and pay them to change it, I work at an apple store and we change them, so you probably got a bad tech. But hey, have you ever called microsoft’s support team? I hope you understand east indian.

  13. I used Apples heavily from the original ][ to the iMac, and APPLE SUCKS, and IT’S STEVE JOBS’ FAULT. I wasted years languishing with the ][ line waiting for Apple to finally make a real machine, mainstream, so I could do some real work. Jobs had everything going well at first, but let us all down with the Apple ///, then the incompatible B&W Lisa and the toy Macintosh, and ruined everyone who picked Apple to hang their computing career on. I’m still behind because of all that wasted time and energy, I don’t have it in me to put that out again.

  14. Hello First I love lattes but I did like apple when I was A kid The IIE was cool but the screen was green. The macintosh had the windows from wich was stolen. It was crappy though and ever since then scools bought em up to spend extra money and they worked sometimes but most didn,t know how to use them so our education was painstaking. Now the line is too expensive and the I-pod maks me mad trying to corner the market the only thing good is the controls are smooth. the battery thing is so sad. The Sansa 2gig player uses a rechargeable battery but you can replace it easily. The usb cord charges it though I want to plug it in the wall. And they should have separate chargers with batteries installed so you can switch out rechargeables duh…Alkalines are a waste but the recharge batteries have to be workable or people won’t use them. Why not two batteries inside the mp3 one dies switch like your too huge truck fuel tanks. Apple does suck. Ohh green screens to green plastic not much has changed.

  15. All of you guys who hate Apple are a bunch of cry babies. A lot of your problems come from your own stupidity! You guys must be Microsoft cheerleaders or something. And think Microsoft products are God gift to man. And (applephobe) what the deal with blaming your computing career on a computer company? I bet most of you are Vista lovers too………ha! ha!

  16. Bill gates is a cheesy faggot, bullmer’s a f**ing psycho. Windows may have 90% of the computer market share, but it’s only because you tight arsed wank**s are too dumb to realize your operating system is shit!

    OSx is amazing, Linux is a close second, Windows is a bucket of sh*t!

    That’s just the way it is, accept it!

  17. Yes, Apple sucks. I kind of like their computers. We’ve bought more of them than I can count over the years. My family must have at least half a dozen Mac Books and Mac Book Pros laying around the house. Recently I upgraded my ridiculously expensive G5 to a Mac Pro for… well a lot of money. Going on 5 figures.

    Yet, when I showed up at the local Apple store the other night to buy another Mac Book Pro, Apple would not let me in the store!!! (I was with my 9 year old little brother, for whom I was buying the computer).

    Why did Apple have a bouncer keeping us out? Special event for .Mac members only. Well, that’s insane, I said, but, if you insist on that insanity, I am a .Mac member! Do you have your card? Of course not — what kind of a geek carries around a .Mac card??? Oh, well, we can look you up. Give us your name (and a lot of other personal info). I gave them the name. Sorry, your .Mac membership expired a couple of months ago. So you’re not going to let me in? I’m here to buy a computer – and I just spend a gazillion dollars just a few weeks ago on a tricked-out Mac Pro. Nope, we’re not going to let you into the store. And we treat everyone the same, it’s not a question of money.

    Apple has been long known for absolutely crappy customer service, but their arrogance and idiocy apparently knows absolutely no bounds. Do not expected to be treated with any favor whatsoever if you are a very, very good Apple customer — even if that favor is merely being treated with normal human decency and respect.

  18. apple are shit , windows shit ? no , its the most popular , must means its the best , PC’s crap ? no , a high end windows PC costs the same as a VERY low end apple mac , mac don’t get virus ? of course it does not , apple only has 2% in the market , you think hackers and 3rd party companys are going to put effort into that 2% of prep machinary ? no , will an £600 mac play crysis no ? will my 600 quid PC play it ? yes, you apple fanboys can say all you like about window users , but at least we get value for money , a beter machine , and look less of a cunt.

  19. You all suck! Honestly I have to say I hate it when people constantly point out the shortcomings of a fucking computer! Apple Microsoft big fuckin deal! like it matters! All im saying is that if you have problem about anything plz its time you waltz up to those faggots and shove your computer up their fatass!
    Now i aint no tough guy! But i believe we should take down those fucking corporations

  20. First of all, Itunes sucks. I lost alot of my music to a faulty hard drive and even though apple has record of songs you download via itunes, they won’t let you download them more than once. Yeah I know, I should have backed it up but it was kind of a freak incident. Oh, and if you don’t purchase Apple care you might as well not waist your time looking for customer service because they will charge you $40 per phone call!! Why buy apple care when they don’t even cover damage? Best buy’s plan is cheaper and covers everything, and best of all you don’t have to deal with the pretentious apple cult.

  21. Apple computers believe their users are plain stupid and dumb (which they usually are). They don’t have enough brains to find a button that is smaller than 10 inches on the screen. If a button is small they will simply get stuck since they have gotten used to a very stupid terminology that Apple has come up with. Steve Jobs is really disdainful person and he is full of hate against Bill Gates. This hate has two reasons: 1) Microsoft has a revenue of 14 billion USD in 2007 and Apple has had only 4 billion. 2) is that Steve Jobs never thought somebody who worked for Apple (Bill Gates) could create a software bigger than Apple and be more successful than his presumably “manager”.

    Apple spends lots and lots of money trying to bring PC users down. As an Assembly programmer, I can say that the internal architecture of the PC is clinging to the old times and especially when the CPU is operating in Real Mode at start up. However, when the CPU is switched to the Protected Mode which has been supported since the 286 Intel CPU, the CPU will just blow every CPU that has been built into Apple computers ever created.

    Apple has to deal with the fact that their users are stupid and so is the company. The company is running by stupid people. The softwares are not even comparable with PC’s software base and it simply is not enough for even an average user. From a programmer’s point of view, Apple has simply “nothing” to offer to programmers. Maybe it has something in store for its users but that doesn’t stop Microsoft from being a HELL LOT bigger than Apple is.

    Conclusion? Apple is not ever going to be able to be as successful as Microsoft. Deal with it 🙂

  22. Apple.CanSuckMyBalls.Com – check that guy’s site out. He REALLY thinks APple sucks.

  23. I bought an Apple computer a year ago. One month after I bought it the hard drive failed. I took it back to the store and they kept it for a month trying to figure out how to fix it. Eventually they did return it and it worked for another three months. I took it back to Best Buy again, but they refused to do anything for me even though they had sold me an extended warranty. They refused to honor their extended warranty, and it wasn’t worth it to me to do anything about it. My experience with Apple is that their products are complete crap. I would never buy anything from them again.

  24. I own a mac book pro.
    I have dropped my notebook MBP several times.
    I have thrashed my HD many times.
    Well here’s my spec’s:
    Model Name: MacBook Pro 15″
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro2,2
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.16 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 4 MB
    Memory: 3 GB
    Bus Speed: 667 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: MBP22.00A5.B07
    SMC Version: 1.12f5
    Serial Number: W87150R3W0G
    Sudden Motion Sensor:
    State: Enabled

    For all of you who speak against mac, or apple computers.
    You don’t know!
    I have worked with microsoft and windows of every kind.
    PC’s are cheaper to start with, but over the time span of six months you become so use to drama that you don’t even realize how much money goes into purchasing all sorts of software, and hardware.
    Well that’s my take.
    Like I said, negative feeders don’t know a thing about mac.
    Drama, PC stands for “piece of crap”.
    That is what you get for stealing, killing,and being greedy.
    Wow, the thief has left the building and resigned.

    1. before you actually buy anything learn to use it. most of the time its user error. PC is cheaper, less pretty but its the best bang for the buck.
      If you like it to look pretty and not really do well, then go buy a mac.

  25. Yes it is true, Apple computers really really do suck! It is A FACT! It has been shown time and time again that all Apple products are hugely overpriced. You can get comparable performance from any Dell machine at less then half the price.
    Yes it is true! Look it up. I use a cheap clone PC at work that has only 700 megs of ram and it constantly outperforms a friend’s G5 imac in every category. At work I use the PC to run a shape cutting machine. The system, ten years old, runs flawlessly. Apple Computers is a scam perpetrated on the gullible. If you use any Apple product, You Have Been Scamed!!

  26. My favorite comment is from ‘Sombody.’ I quote, “Apple has simply “nothing” to offer to programmers. Maybe it has something in store for its users but that doesn’t stop Microsoft from being a HELL LOT bigger than Apple is.”

    So this moron thinks that it’s bad for a computer company to focus on users rather than programmers? What’s a dumbass. Yeah, everybody that buys a computer wants to do programming…or maybe they want to do some work with documents, photos, movies, music, email….

    That’s like saying auto companies should build cars for mechanics rather than drivers.

  27. “For all of you who speak against mac, or apple computers.
    You don’t know! I have worked with microsoft and windows of every kind.”
    I also worked with both… and I was mac adict until the Evil Steeeeeeve Moron Jobs killed MacOS and replaced it by a bad Unix plagiat with an ugly Aqua fat uncostumable DosShell (since the stupid Steeeeve kill AppearanceManager). The Steeeeve also scrapped resources and type-creator. Two of the most beautyfull features of MacOS (the real one). And sudently started to say us that powerPC suck and Intel is the best. Even if the day before he told us the opposite! Now that remain nothing of the mac and apple pruoduce PC clones runing a bad UNIX or windoze. Affter many many year of mac, I finaly switch to PC (any way an intel junk for an other) running a real Unix free of charge called LINUX.

    So They can sink in bankrupcy I no longer care about this bucket of bad Steeeve!

  28. Your all retards goshhhhh even u nerds can figure something so simple out so i def wont tell you cause u need to get your facts straight u fat american nerds brain washed retards

  29. Just so you know right from the start I am a Windows user and I was wondering what motivated you to get a Mac in the first place was it all the hype or did you wanna be one of the cool kids .I mean that is allot of money to spend and then hate it . Why do you think most of the computer using world is using Windows because it is better that’s why.

  30. I have been working with iTunes Store Support for a week, but have not been able to resolve the infamous “Authorisation Loop” error, so thought I would share and vent my frustrations here. 🙂

    I upgraded to recently and since the upgrade none of the $1,000 worth of songs videos and TV Shows purchased and downloaded will play in iTunes or our Apple TV.

    When I click on a song, movie or show, we receive the message “This computer is not authorized…”.

    I than put in the password and receive the hopeful message: “Machine Authorization was Successful”, but the songs, videos and shows still don’t play. When you click on the title again it again re-asks for “authorization”.

    I have tried all of the suggested fixes and set of instructions received from iTunes Store support and the support website, including:

    * De-authorising, re-authorising
    * Re-installing iTunes
    * Removing the SC folder
    * Re-building the iTunes Library
    * Re-building iTunes Preferences
    * Creating a new user acount and installing iTunes
    * Installing iTunes on a different computer with a different operating system
    * Re-installed songs from a backup
    * Updating iTunes Store Account Information
    * Scanned for viruses
    * Updated Windows
    * Consulted a psychic
    * Had my laptop exorcised
    * and many more

    .. of course every time you do most of these things the Apple TV is wiped and spends hours re-syncing with iTunes over my wireless network which adds to the frustration.

    I have been a loyal shareholder and customer to Apple and iTunes and was even in the process of purchasing iPhones for the family, but this most recent set of issues (this is the second time by the way for us to go through this exact problem) is becoming very aggravating – beyond what I can put up with.

    Having invested well over $1,000 in Apple, and having also upgraded my internet connection to cater for more download limits, we have decided to ditch our Apple love affair, and move to a much more reliable and robust on-demand entertainment delivery system – like the new Foxtel Cable HD On Demand.

    Apple – you have absolutely received the very last dollar from me.

  31. dude, DONT pay for video’s, unless they are not available for free download…. you’d be surprised how many movies you can watch for free, legally (they dont prompt you on copyright infringement or anything like that)

    same goes with itunes
    but if you cant find it free, then pay for it if you want

  32. whoever thinks a mac is better than a PC, or thinks apple’s products are better than Microsoft’s should just do the world a favor and jump off a bridge
    too many ignorant people
    apple is into marketing and lies, that you believe

  33. What sucks most is the iNsane iDiots andiMbeciles who get paid to prance around their dealers not having a clue what they are doing.
    If you want good advice you have to goto a PC dealer.

  34. This is why I hate any “downloadable content” that you have to pay for.. if I want to spend money I want at least a physical disk I can store myself and play without any online services ever. Those services will have downtimes and they will eventually disappear, or like this case, you just don’t happen to have the Internet available where you are. Why does a baseball match need heavy DRM like this, when its something you’ll prolly watch just once? It’s no supprise that iTunes sucks in it since the whole thing and DRM sucks. I’ll rather keep buying dvd’s and bluray’s and keep sports on the telly, than support iTunes store, throwing money to something you can’t even own yourself.

  35. I’ve used a Microsoft OS (MS DOS) since my first computer (a PC). To this date I’ve had to use every windows version between 3.1 and Vista, as well as different unixes. I happened to get -a lot- of money so I decided to try a mac, since I was finally able to afford one in my home. I used it about a year, but at the end I traded it away and now have yet again even more upgraded PC. I just found a PC with Windows much more easier, faster and flexible for my needs. I do not consider myself stupid, and I think I did everything in my power to stay open minded and ignore the things it lacked, getting used to new ways and new apps. Even though I lost some money by getting the mac I gained a lot of experience from it.. I never thought myself saying this, but I actually -like- using Windows because of it. If a year isn’t enough to convience you of something being good, then it prolly is not for you.

  36. Bottom line, apple = probably 3 hours a year troubleshooting
    microsoft systems = used to spend at least 3 a week (especially networking)

    Depends on how much you like programming, forgot about it while using a mac since it just lets you work without problems.
    Apple has no marketing lies, windows does. Buddies company here switched to a all mac workstation and networking system…he doesnt need IT guys anymore. Maybe thats who’s pissed at Steve.
    Regardless way to go apple!!!

  37. I came from dell. Now i work with Apple. what’s the difference? None. Still a lot of dumb shit calling just to find out how to turn on a their device. Don’t rely on support, but common sense.

  38. First, I APOLOGIZE FOR THE LENGTH, BUT NECESSARY, and much of this is same ole same to many of you and I can see basically corporations are crappy greedy pigs that don’t give a rat’s patooty. I am sorry for being so wordy and repeating, but I guess once I got going, I must have experienced some sort of diarrhea from consuming shiny coated rotten apples. And do know, this is not easy as I had been a happy Apple consumer for two decades, as well as a strong advocate. This is a sad time as loyalty with Apple is one-sided and they turned out to be a worm.

    You can imagine how disappointed I was when (almost 2 yrs ago) my new MacBook Pro showed up straight out of the box with an ill-fitted case, recessed power button, clicker bar and broken latch. All I could think was what happened to Apple quality? Back it went, then again. I also paid for AppleCare on this MacBook Pro and for my iPod.

    Immediately the iPod seemed to have issues and back it went, but my brand new iPod, was replaced with a refurbished iPod that had a damaged screen that looked like an oil slick.

    The next replacement had the same problems as the first. What really threw me was one particular call to AppleCare for my iPod issues. The woman asked for all my personal and iPod information then began to try to assist me. I got concerned when she asked me to conduct a search by clicking on “start” and select “my computer”. I interrupted and asked if she worked for Apple? When she wanted to know why I asked, I suggested using “Spotlight” in the upper right corner of my Mac to do a search. “What’s Spotlight?” was her reply. She then admitted that her dad worked for Apple but he wasn’t home. She said that all she could do was issue a return for my iPod. I declined and discontinued the call.

    I called Apple’s corporate office to report this AppleCare call; they thanked me and offered to assign a high level tech to assist me with the iPod and the MacBook Pro issues. The MacBook Pro, after the physical hardware problems were addressed, started to display inappropriate cursor behavior that overlapped all open applications – diagonal or horizontal two-sided arrow while in Mail or Safari, then highlighting single words, entire paragraphs or pages left spaces and gaps. Also when the “I” bar was placed in prose for editing it remained even after placing it in another area, and remained in the second spot, and the third and so on until I had “I” bars all over the place. (Save, quit, restart.)

    Oddly, after an automatic software update for Airport came in, that is about when the cursor issues started so did other things especially involving Mail, Airport Express, and my column view windows, if even viable, showed gaps in the file names and the lists overlapped and gapped, I had pop-ups that were white blank squares, experienced constant freeze-ups, unexpected quits, including the OSX system … I can go on but I think you get the idea and I’m sure I’ll say more as it comes to mind.

    Initially in working with the high level tech I believed he was really trying to find a solution. Among the various fixes were an alias user account, reinstalls, clean installs, purchased upgrades and new software applications, followed by more of the same. Finally they offered to send a new OSX Leopard for the next clean install. Following this install, I was asked for various bits of information from my hard drive’s system profiler so he could “see” what was happening to help find a solution. I also stayed in communication by sending screen shots of oddities and problems as they showed up, but as I inquired as to what he “saw”, all of a sudden he disappeared, no answer to my emails or phone messages.

    Immediately following that latest clean install, other people’s computers, wireless or not, were now mounting on my computer’s desktop. When I called to find out about this, I was told it was not possible (and this became their mantra for months). However, I assured them that I could not only see these computer’s hard drives mounted on my desktop, but when the tech suggested I wouldn’t be able to access them and I tried it was indeed possible. Months into this, as well as all the other issues, they had me mail the computer in to replace the Airport card than the video card, yet my MacBook Pro returned “hacker-able” if I chose – good thing I am an honest person.

    More calls to deal with all the chaos on this computer – my iPod long left in the dust, yet still ticking away on my paid for AppleCare for both. On yet another AppleCare tech call for the issue of other people’s computers mounting on my desktop, the tech had me check all settings and once past “that’s impossible” he put me on hold several times while he checked for a solution. Finally he declared it was an easy fix and in just a couple clicks and mere seconds, I was completely locked out of my computer.

    My hard drive icon immediately changed into a blue file folder icon with “cancel” symbol over it, (a red circle crossed with a diagonal line), and from there, things only got worse, much worse. Over the next week and dozens of hours on the phone with more high level AppleCare techs (one who flatly told me they had no record of any of my previous calls to AppleCare – I am so glad I had all these correspondences safely backed up long ago and had the wherewithal to video and take still shots with my camera as well as notes and phone logs, and that another person was sitting with me while the techs were on speaker phone so I could have my hands free to work throughout this long locked out phase).

    With hired outside help, a borrowed iMacbook, and with another purchased external hard drive we were eventually able to back up a dmg file of my entire locked out hard drive from which my data was slowly retrieved over time. Another complete clean wipe of this computer’s hard drive before more long hours over many days to reinstall applications, many of which had now created their own issues due to the repeated reinstalls. After Apple squashed me, I contacted Adobe and explained in detail what the last year with AppleCare had created and they handled things with professionalism, customer care and understanding then kindly corrected my CS3 Design Premium Ext. Bundle re-registration issues that were created due to the constant reinstalls while bobbing with Apple.

    Now, I am happy to say that other people’s hard drives no longer mount on my computer. However, some of the other oddities have continued. I am no longer an advocate for Apple, in fact am quite disappointed in them over all. I wrote a letter to Mr. Jobs (sent express mail) explaining all of this in detail, and sent samples of the emails, screen shots, videos, etc., to help him understand how crazy this has been, but sadly I was told he is too busy running two corporations to deal with this. I have lost confidence in Apple; I no longer trust their judgment or “help”, and am still paying for their useless AppleCare. (They should refund it all 100% at the very least.)

    A call from latest high-level tech informed me he had been assigned to deal with my letter to Mr. Jobs, but when he told me he was on Google Earth looking at my house as we spoke, I got the green-apple-quick-step. (An attempt at intimidation?) Has Apple joined the ranks of other greed-monger bully corporations? What exactly does AppleCare mean, and for whom? Customers pay for the product, then pay for AppleCare, then sit in queue with all other calls to spend an enormous amount of down time with paid employees or their kids, for what?

    I love(d) Mac(s) and when things used to work, they worked well, and I want it to work with the quality one using Apple products and tech support for decades expects. I want the AppleCare I pay for and not a run around of busy work by untrained employees or their children. I surely do not want my computer to have the ability to have access to others hard drives and I especially do not want to be locked out of my own computer by ill-advised AppleCare techs. What the heck was going on as the rotting apple; it is beginning to stink.

    Again, I am glad I have good notes and back up of all. They did eventually acknowledge that these tech calls and correspondences did exist, as did the non-existing tech I’d work with for months, but only after I gave them proof. Then they added, that some techs don’t keep good notes or any notes at all and that many are just lost. Maybe if it is the children of AppleCare techs that will be answering the phone for dad when he’s away, they need get better training for the job, and if it’s not a child labor issue, get paid by Apple for their work. I am strongly opposed to paying for AppleCare tech support when the person is someone filling in for daddy.

    Regarding the software applications, they were upgraded or replaced throughout the fix attempts, and even with Adobe, I worked extensively when things began with the cursor. Using PS everyday, at first I figured it must be a PS/tool issue. I shared my thoughts with Apple and said I would start with Adobe first and would let Apple know the outcome. The tech I’d been working with expressed he doubted that the problem was this application as many things were involved and appeared directly tied to other areas such as Mail, Safari, Airport Extreme, and even a ‘sticking’ trackpad to which I then purchased an external Apple keyboard and mouse to get away from that problem, though the issues continued.

    Not all the problems happen at once and I cannot “make” them happen. Historically it appears to show a pattern that may first be noticeable with the cursor or oddities on the screen or desktop. One fix that seemed to work for short term for a Mail/Airport issue (and also showed the cursor issues in other open applications), was to save all, quit all, turn off Airport, then turn Airport back on, open Safari first, and then open Mail, then all would be fine, though at times a restart was needed or just to shut down for several hours, then this issue seemed well with the Mac, until the next time. This is the loop I’ve been in for many months, the lock out and mess created by it was just a cherry on top of a rotting apple pie.

    I truly thought we were all working to find a solution, that is until my inquiries as to why other’s (very accessible) hard drives were mounting on my desktop, then came the unexpected lock out. This is why I am seeking input from this forum and others. I was in the middle of projects and many were lost, some had to be redone, or I needed to send customers elsewhere as my Mac was not dependable.

    I’m still waiting for Mr. Jobs and Apple to do the right thing, but I’m not holding my breath. Moby S. Trip

  39. I totally agree. Apple thinks they are so hot and so much better than Microsoft, well let me tell you, they are freaking worse than Microsoft. In those apple commercials, it shouldn’t be apple critizing the PC it should totally be the other way around since Apple is the worst company ever made. They are a piece of crap. I HATE THEM SO MUCH.

  40. LMAO- learn how to use a computer before you say apple sucks,
    hahaha……how you say- “noob”

    maybe you should stick with the lesser of the PC world and get vista with WMP 11

  41. All the major computer companies suck for the same reason: they are greedy corporations. I began to hate Apple in the 1970’s when a customer’s Apple II died and I noticed that all the IC numbers had been carefully sanded off to prevent service. It all went downhill after that. The best machines are now made by twelve-year-olds in their parents’ basements. What is there to love about stinking Dell? HP/Compaq? Nauseating eMachines? They are all selling scams in the form of non-standard computers. If you can’t think for yourself a computer won’t help you. This is the awful truth most computer users deny. If you hate your local economy and environment, go ahead, buy a pre-made, non-standard machine. If you care, visit a good vendor (like Newegg, but there are many) and roll your own. It will be made with standard parts and be upgradable much, much longer, and much cheaper overall. Oh, and by the way, all software costs the same: NOTHING. Pirate the lot and screw all the corporations. I have NEVER purchased copy protected software. Not one byte (starting with a lovely hacked copy of Lotus 1-2-3). Neither should anyone with more than two functioning synapses. One of my favorite programs (DVDFab Platinum 5) is both pirated and illegal to possess. The day you can no longer pirate is the day I throw my computer in the garbage. But then, I have found my best hardware there, including discarded hard drives full of REALLY juicy shit. God, how stupid the rich talking monkeys are. No wonder America has turned to corporate fascist crap. If computers help us at all, it will be the work of hackers and pirates, not simians in suits.

  42. Apple ohhh the great spoiled now Apple. Fuck them i used to be a fan but they have this issue with there macbook battery not working and i have the apple support and the cheep tards wont replace when they know its there fault. The cycles are only 120 and its not that old. But they said its over 100 dollars. HAHAHA F you Steve Jobs you must be just like the movie silicon vally!

  43. Hey MacIdiots, the euphemism (that means “saying”) “more money than brains” was coined (that means “created in a literary context”) a long time ago, but its meaning is still fresh in the Apple/Mac village. Note: I say “village” NOT “community” or “society” because there isn’t as many of you MacDickheads as you think there are. I’ve worked a long time for one of the USA’s largest technical service provider networks; providing in-home warranty repair service to owners of both Mac and PC products. As evidence of the “Apple is superior” myth, I offer my tool list requirements to do just the most very basic of repair such as replacing the hard drive in both PC and MAC. as follows PC: screwdriver…MAC: screwdriver,Torx-bit screwdriver, non-marring pry tool, plastic access key, suction-cup screen removal tool (NOT found in the kitchen utensil isle)…NOT TO MENTION 3 times the labor hours at double-time I might add simply because listening to your androgynous little bastard children rant “Am I gonna lose all my itunes?”,”Dont lose my itunes OR I’ll beMAD”, every five minutes while your wife eerily stares at my crotch like she’s never seen a MAN with a package before ‘cuz she’s married to a douchebag..MR.Mom..”Dad,can u get me some waaaaater?”,”suuure soon as I get the BLUebeRRy MufFinS out of the oven”..I’m baking ‘cuz my wife has the higher earning potential..blah..blah..”Backup my data? no!, why!, I have an iMAC dammit, I shouldn’t HAVEtO!”..”Is that recovery thingy gonna take away my PROGRAMS?”..(Well Sir,,,your iMAC was completely inoperable when I got here and now it IS working..not to mention your recovery disc1 was already in the drive and you probably erased your data already following your “4” page “MAC owners manual” plus, when you took it to the MACstore they DIDN’t offer to back-up your data??? AND the warranty company also DIDN’T mention aaaaanything about losing files when a hard drive is replaced???…REAlly? douchebag terminology..your files are gone!!..enjoy your iMAC, please sign here by the X,Oh, one last thing,…can you get your wife off of my leg so I can go home and eat my dinner and give myself a low voltage shock treatment to erase the image of your sappy look of disdain from my mind so I can go to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow?…”OK,I will sign , but I’m going to file a comPlAiNt”)…gets a little tiring after invariably the same type of “OMG don’t get fingerprints on it” attitude day after day. So, MacFAns, my sappy douchebag buddies, YOU are the new MacVILLAGE idiots…P.S with all that “superior” MAC computing power and potential…why are you just reading forums and jerkin’ off?????????

  44. Here’s ‘Non-constructive’ Rant About Apple
    They censored me and removed my post on apple fourms in less than three minutes. I guess they don’t like to hear the truth but APPLE SUCKS
    Apple removed your post on Apple Discussions titled “Re: Quicktime 7.6 causes Sims 2 crash AND CIV IV not to run” because it contained the following:

    Speculation or Rumors
    Discussion of Apple Policies, Procedures or Decisions
    Non-constructive rants or complaints

    We are including a copy of your post at the end of this email for your reference.

    Our terms of use, which include helpful information about using Apple Discussions, is located here: We encourage you to continue using the Apple Discussions while abiding by our terms of use.

    If you would like to send feedback to Apple about a product, please use the appropriate selection here:

    As part of submitting feedback, please read the Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy linked to the feedback page.

    Kind regards,
    Apple Discussions staff


    This message is sent from a send-only email account. Any replies sent to this address are deleted automatically by the system.


    A copy of your message for reference:


    I was on the phone for over an hour yesterday and a half of an hour today with Apple support and yes, I have AppleCare. (Worthless). The wouldn’t call the manufacture, they wouldn’t even pull up the web page stating what we all know.
    My problem is with Civ IV – won’t run after quicktime 7.6 update.
    I have IMac 10.4.11 and is the ONLY software I have installed is Civ IV. Everything else I do is online. AGAIN, THE ONLY software I have installed is Civ IV. (Bought parallels never needed it, never install it).

    No root kits, no programing suites, no russian ‘free’ games, no ****,(APPLE STARED OUT THE WORD PORN) no freeware, no shareware, no cute nifty anything, no file sharing, no ripping, no copying, NOTHING ELSE, nor do I use anything else installed on the machine. Nothing! No, garage band, no quicktime, no iphoto, no email,

    So, it is either a problem with Apple OS 10.4.11 or Civ IV 2.13 — Lets think what changed two and half weeks ago. ONLY ONE THING – Quick Time 7.6.

    After 22 years I have retired POOR from IT the industry.
    My First Game Machine: Pong – 1972.
    My Handheld Game Machine: TI-59 with the mag strip reader – 1977
    MY first Computers Vic-20/Timex/appleii/mac 128.
    And probably over a 100 computers since then.

    Professionally, I sold and installed 10,000 plus operating systems, 1,000 of servers, hundreds of networks. I worked tier IV help desk – Thats where you stay on the phone until the problem is resolved! Shift changes someone else takes over but they keep working the problem until resolved!

    Lets just ‘pretend’ a I know a little bit about computers, software and operating systems. little bit – No I don’t code, I solve the problems, that don’t need coding.
    I called Apple care: they said reinstall your os?! blank-ME… I could have bought a Dell and saved a thousand bucks to have some idiot tell me to reinstall my os. (oh, and I did. now, I can’t double click an icon to open a file or run a program – nice reinstall)

    They changed the operating system then they blame the manufacture. Great way to keep third party companies writing software for your OS. (Great business plan)
    That Apple absolutely refuses to acknowledge anything is wrong – infuriates me.
    I don’t like being treated like an idiot, talked down to, treated like the customer is the PROBLEM, etc. especially when I am right! (Or, I guess you are all wrong too.)

    I told them it’s not just me it’s thousands of people, (Don’t care at all)
    They pay for all this warm and fuzzy advertising but, they don’t deliver.

    What happened to Apple? I notice ‘Computer Support’ is selection 3. I guess they are now a gadget company.

    I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER APPLE AGAIN.(or ipod or phone or t-shirt)

    I might even sell this one.

    I will go out of my way to slam them on the internet and people I know anywhere and anytime.

    You have ticked off one person but, you will lose a hundred customers (trust me)
    Here the other excuse I find unacceptable, they sell what 50 software titles in their stores. 1/2 is apple software. 1/2 is third party software.

    “Note: Products sold through this website that do not bear the Apple Brand name are serviced and supported exclusively by their manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions packaged with the products. Apple’s Limited Warranty does not apply to products that are not Apple-branded, even if packaged or sold with Apple products. Please contact the manufacturer directly for technical support and customer service.”

    Heck Microsoft has “certified to run” on ‘X’ OS.
    Is that so hard Apple, that you won’t or unable to certify software to run under your own OS.

    Quicktime is apple answer to microsofts ie – Something to lock into your os so you can only use it.

    Quicktime sucked 8 years ago and still does, I-tunes is just about as bad. (you can’t list songs by file name?! what!)

    Peeved, Angry, plus more…. ANGRY – VERY ANGRY
    Apple, you better figure out customers don’t need you – you need them.

  45. Just reading my own post makes mad.

    Every single apple employee I have talked to has been even more arrogant than the previous one, escalation is worse not better.

    They just don’t even listen I could just read the paper.

    They all been trained to be a dick like Steve Jobs.

    GM (cars) use to think than ran America in the 50’s, Apple will gets it’s fate in time, but no more of my money.

  46. iWas an MacUser back in the 90’s & I came back to PC Windows/Linux just for hardware, software support in a small town. Macs still costs too much. If I came back to a Mac it would be over $1,000 just for software. Macs just looks good you just have to give them that one…

  47. oh yes. does anyone know how to set the clock on my VCR! Lighten up friends. do you know it is only a test?

  48. I thought i would check back to see if any one commented. I forgot that by nine or ten P.M. P.C. users are in bed. Because there systems have crashed! Just kidding. I think.

  49. Yes, APPLE SUCKS!!! Especially their so-called apple stores..what a fricking JOKE! I call about an adapter, talk to some loud mouthed woman who assures me they have “Every mac mini adapter made-and they most certainly had what i needed”. So we make the 45 mile drive to the apple store to purchase a very simple (and standard) monitor adapter- guess what..they didnt have it!!! Nice scam to try to get you to come into the store so they can sell you a NEW computer as opposed to yours, which at a year old is practically obsolete anyway!!-Second time this has happened at that store-Madison WI- mark it down and dont waste your time in there, those people are stomp IDIOTS.. RIGHT- &uck off apple and your apple stores too- Im buying a pc

  50. Apple tells you when you install iTunes that you have to authorize each computer that you download iTunes Store content on before you can use it. It’s not their fault you didn’t read the directions.

  51. This may be a shitty reason to hate macs, but why do there mouses only have one button? Riddle me that

  52. I think the apple is full of worms. I don’t care for all the mind control programming cult dropout cutesies who work at the apple stores.

  53. This may be a shitty reason to hate macs, but why do there mouses only have one button? Riddle me that

    Newbies are meant to find two buttons too difficult.

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