Whatever happened to wireless electricity?

Marc Abramowitz recently pointed to Splashpower, a wireless electricity company that supposedly has a working product. The term “wireless electricity” means just what it sounds like — electricity delivered without wires. Wikipedia has a little background on Splashpower with some details on how it all works.

The funny thing is that in November 2003 (in my old InfoWorld blog), I pointed out something similar from a company named MobileWise (a company whose home page is now blank). I never actually saw MobileWise’s product in action, though it seemed legit. Here’s an old News.com story that mentions both Splashpower and MobileWise (“Another start-up, MobileWise, has been developing a similar technology and has announced that Acer plans to release notebooks and handhelds incorporating it in the first half of 2003.” Hmmm — not sure if they shipped).

I’m a geek and hang out with a lot of geeks, so I think I would have seen this wondrous technology at some point if it actually existed. That being said, I have just one burning question: can this wireless electricity power the ignition on my personal jet pack? (heh heh)

4 thoughts on “Whatever happened to wireless electricity?

  1. I have been thinking about this for a while now, ever since I started running out of phone battery charge on my cellphone. Am sure the technology exists – has actually been around since Tesla. These people dread the word ‘free’. They must be trying to figure out how to deliver it in a ‘chargeable (pay-per-use) manner! I think big money, and not user convenience, is once again the bigger consideration here. We all still pay for electricity, don’t we?

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