Quick review: Plantronics MX150 Headset for Treo 650

Plantronics MX 150 Headset A while back, I asked for recommendations for a Bluetooth headset for the Treo 650 and the consensus from that post and other conversations was to get a wired headset. I happened to be near a Best Buy last night, so I decided to drop in and grab one that looked like it would fit my requirements without doing any research in advance. I grabbed the Plantronics MX150 for $27.99 (not the $44.95 listed on the Plantronics site), hoping that it would fit these criteria:

  • it should fit snugly in my ear, but at the same time, not feel like I’m getting an ear exam from a doctor
  • it should feature something to hold the earpiece onto my ear, but the less something, the better
  • it shouldn’t look too Star Trek-y
  • the volume of the person I’m talking to should be clearly sufficient through the earpiece
  • the person I’m talking shouldn’t notice I’m using a headset

After my first commute making a few phone calls, the verdict is clear — it’s just what I wanted. The earpiece fit nicely, but it didn’t feel like an ear exam. As you can see from the photo, there is a small clip that holds the earpiece to your ear, and it does its job effectively, though it slips slightly if I look over my shoulder (YEMV. . your ear may vary). It’s not too Star Trek-y for my taste. Finally, in a conversation with my mom, I could hear her clearly and she never asked me what was wrong with my phone. If you need a simple and relatively inexpensive wired headset that works with Treo 650, I highly recommend it.

5 thoughts on “Quick review: Plantronics MX150 Headset for Treo 650

  1. Bluetooth takes quality away. You may get used to lower quality but it is still lower quality

  2. I had both bluetooth and mx150. I don’t use my bluetooth for the simple reason that wire headset is just plain easier to use and no charger and complicated buttons. So far, no one complain about my sound when I talk to them using the mx150.

  3. Interesting, I just clicked on the link above to the Plantronics MX150, and it said that it is not compatible with the Treo 650. Thoughts?

  4. Me too………I clicked on the link above and it said the same thing. Just wondering

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