How to make a kegerator

For those who only know me very casually, you might not know this: through serendipity and some poor man’s search engine optimization, when hordes of males wake up on a Saturday morning and think “this is the weekend that I’m going to finally build the kegerator I’ve always dreamed of,” they often come to me for advice. I have lived the dream, my friends.

If you search for “how to make a kegerator” on Yahoo! my “how to build a kegerator” page is the #1 result (I’m on the first page of results for the same query at Google, just not #1. . . hey, I’m working on it).

I get quite a bit of e-mail about the anxieties of kegerator construction, so I decided to put up a Kegerator FAQ at my oft-neglected blog, It’s the best way I know to serve the kind kegerator community that has showered me with e-mails like the ones below:

“I really enjoyed your pictorial how to build a kegerator from a Sanyo 4910. In fact I found it quite inspirational, so much so I’d like to build one of my own.” — Benjamin D.

“Thanks for the great pictures of the construction process. They are a real help!” — Brad B.

“Just wanted to say thanks for putting up such a great documentation of your own build – it made mine go significantly less scary as I started drilling holes in the thing today. Great site!” — Bobby M.

“Great kegerator!!” — Terry G.

“Thanks for the step-by-step instructions of the kegerator. By far the best on the web. ” — Tim D.

“BRAVO! That’s a really nice piece of work.” — Travis R.

“Great job! Yours looks better than the ‘professional’ ones I’ve seen in stores.” — Earl S.

The pleasure is mine, Benjamin, Brad, Bobby, Terry, Tim, Travis, and Earl. Keep spreadin’ the kegerator love. May your kegs never run dry.

Bonus kegerator links:

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