After the ping: how long it takes for blog search engines to find you

I’m launching a new blog with a specific focus very soon (more on that in a day or two). Since you only launch a new blog once, I decided to check my logs to see how long it took for various blog-specific search engines to find me after a ping to Ping-o-matic (and there’s no reason why I pinged ping-o-matic instead of another ping server other than it was set up as a default in WordPress).

Here’s the chronology, for what it’s worth:

23:54:56: pinged Ping-o-matic
23:55:26: A2B Location-Based Search Engine (+")
23:55:28: BlogSearch/1.0 +IceRocket
23:56:42: Technoratibot/0.7 (from Technorati, of course)

. . . and bringing up the rear after I called it a night:
00:10:27: Feedster Crawler/1.0; Feedster, Inc.

Bonus link: Jon Udell takes a deeper look at future of ping notification infrastructure. Jon starts out by quoting a post on the subject from Cameron Marlow, who recently joined us at at Yahoo! much to everyone’s delight.

Update: (for those of you who don’t read the comments) Scott Johnson of Feedster posted in the comments to note that they were working through a large backlog when I was checking. To be honest, a roughly 15-minute delay after midnight is within the realm of acceptability to me anyway, regardless of the cause. In any case, Feedster wins the award for having the most responsive humans in this case.

One thought on “After the ping: how long it takes for blog search engines to find you

  1. Hi Chad,

    Great post. Thanks for the feedback. Last night we were catching up on a large backlog which is why I suspect you saw this from Feedster but I’ve passed it onto our crawler folk to look into.


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