Making built-in Contacts app the default on a Treo 650 with GoodLink

(if you don’t have a Treo 650 with GoodLink software installed, you probably want to skip this post entirely)

When I left InfoWorld recently, I got a very nice send-off and an utterly amazing cake, but as much as I wish the company-issued Treo 650 I had grown to love (after some serious hate) could have been a parting gift, it wasn’t meant to be. The telcom folks there were nice enough to give me an old phone they had in a drawer for a good deal, and I was able to transfer the account into my name and keep the SIM card, thereby keeping the number I have had for a long time. I got my Yahoo! Treo last week, and despite some porting issues, I carried the same number over to it and it’s all working now — except for one thing that was driving me crazy and was a bit delicate to fix (instructions are below). The GoodLink software that hooks the Treo into the company Exchange server links up to the contacts database stored on the Exchange server, and makes it the default contacts app on the Treo.

This matters to me because:

  1. I already had hundreds of contacts in my vanilla Palm contacts database and didn’t really want to sync those up to the Yahoo! Exchange server (stuff like aunts and uncles numbers, my favorite local Chinese take-out place, my friends’ numbers, and bars in SF with good jukeboxes)
  2. The Treo uses caller ID to display a contact’s name on an incoming call if there’s a match in your contact database. I love this feature, but if the GoodLink Address Book is the default, it looks there for a match, and if you don’t have all your contacts on the corporate Exchange server, you get nothing but the number on an incoming call.
  3. All the shortcuts to “Contacts” on the Treo go to the default app, which makes it more difficult to make phone calls easily (since you have to work a bit more to get to the old Contacts app)

On the other hand, the GoodLink Address Book includes a lookup facility for everyone at Yahoo!, including e-mail address, desk phone, and cell phone in some cases, so I didn’t want to wipe that out completely either. I just didn’t want it as the default. After some research, I found a way (and the whole process made me a bit nervous — kind of that same feeling you get when you login as root on a unix box to do something delicate).

First, I recommend that you run a GoodLink backup to your SD card. Open the GoodLink app, go to Preferences in the bottom pane (all the way to the right), select it, choose Backup, then run the backup (you’ll need to know your handheld passcode — ask your administrator. But don’t tell your administrator what you’re doing or you’ll probably get your hand smacked.)

Then, if you don’t already have it, you need to download and install FileZ on your Treo. All this does is give you access to all the files on the Palm OS filesystem. This is a tool that must be used very carefully, since you can move, copy, and delete any files on the Treo, even ones you didn’t know were there.

Next, use FileZ to find the file GoodAddressBookApp.prc on your Treo and select it. Look at the filename you have selected, count to ten, then look at it again to make sure it’s the right one. Then delete it.

After I did this, the built-in Contacts database on my Palm became the default, and I was back to managing my contacts on Palm Desktop and using HotSync as I did before. Even better, the GoodLink contacts database still works, but I have to get to it by going to the GoodLink app, then navigating to it in the bottom pane. No big deal. For some reason, though, the caller ID didn’t seem to work properly until I did a soft reset on the Treo 650. Now incoming calls once again display the name of the caller if they are in my personal contacts database.

Of course, I’m putting this out there because it worked for me, but if you blow up your Treo doing what I described, I won’t really be able to help you. Do this at your own risk.

One last thing: my decision to do this is no knock on GoodLink. It’s an awesome product, and I’m loving it so far. E-mail is pushed to the Treo Blackberry-style, and I can manage my calendar and meeting requests just as easily as I can using Outlook on the desktop. I highly recommend it.

(Some credit: one of the posts by dennisl on TreoCentral got me on the right track.)

76 thoughts on “Making built-in Contacts app the default on a Treo 650 with GoodLink

  1. Just wanted you to know that your information was a HUGE help. I called all kinds of help desks (my work, Palm, Sprint) and everyone said to just put my contacts on my company computer to sync with my Treo 650. Thank you.

  2. This is exactly what I needed for the same reason!

    I am going to try it with the calendar as well.

    B/C ical is so much nicer than outlook.


  3. This was a big help. I just wanted to leave a comment in case anyone ran into the same problem I did.

    I didn’t use FileZ because I had followed this link on the GoodLink website:

    which said to delete the contacts app. But then all of my palm contacts were gone! I’m on a Mac so I wanted to resync with my Address book but HotSync wanted to delete all of my contacts from my Mac instead of putting all my contacts back on the palm.

    Grrr. I removed the device fro iSync and then went through the little dance to get the conduit working again and it finally let me resync to my Address book and pull a fresh copy of my contacts down.

    I’m pretty impressed with how well GoodLink works but I wish the folks over there would show me a little more respect by refraining hijacking my buttons and apps.

    Anyway, thanks for maintaining this post.

  4. Absoultely wonderful!! I also was able to restore my default PALM APPS for contacts, memos and calendar and still keep use of the GoodLink apps by deleting the Goodlink overlays in RAM!


  5. First sorry for the long post, but it is worth it.

    All I just got off the phone with Good about this. I was however looking for a different solution. I did not want to overwrite Good’s contacts with the palm based ones I wanted to use both at the same time. (Goodlink to support my corp’s email contacts etc, and palm based to do my own pop account information).

    This was easy to set up initially by just creating a new outlook profile (I need to close outlook and switch between the corp and personal accounts), then I configured outlook to sync with my palm to that account. When you install the conduits for outlook it asks which profile you will use. Then I began my sync. Now I had both calendars, contacts, notes, etc, and versamail for the pop account. The only issue is that goodlink overwrites the shortcut for contacts in the phone application. I talked to Good and then sent me the below instructions. I now can have both contacts lists work at the same time! and I can change between them. I created a separate icon for both lists in the phone shortcuts. FYI caller ID also works in both lists as well. This is I think the best find for goodlink users that still want to use the palm based apps for their personal settings!!! Basically skip to step 8 and 9 for the gist of what you need to do. It is a tad bit different from above!

    — Email From Good —
    1) Obtain the FileZ program from: (This is a free file manager program for the Palm OS that gives you access to many hidden files and databases within the Palm OS.)

    2) Load the filez.prc file on the Palm device, either through HotSynching or through OTA Software Distribution.

    3) Once you’ve loaded the FileZ program on your Palm device, run the program.

    4) Click on the View and Edit Files button.

    5) Make sure you have the ROM checked off in the upper right, files are filed by Creator Name just below that, and then click on the ‘Internal’ drop down arrow.

    6) Once you have clicked on the Internal drop down arrow, you will see a list of all your files and databases on your Treo ROM.

    7) Scroll down until you see the Files and Databases under the Creator Name of ‘addr’. You will want to look for the GoodAddressBookApp file and the AddressDB file. The GoodAddressBookApp file is GoodLink’s Address Book and the AddressDB is the native Palm Address Book.

    8) Check off the GoodAddressBookApp entry and hit the Details button.

    9) You will then see the details of the GoodAddressBookApp. In the details, change the Creator name of the GoodAddressBook from ‘addr’ to something else, perhaps ‘addg’. Once you’ve changed the name. Hit Save and exit the FileZ program.

    10) You have now made the native Palm Address Book the default Address Book/Contacts program on your Treo. This is the program that the Palm OS will use to tie into its hardware. All Hot Buttons will default to the native Palm Address Book, and features like Caller ID will only work with entries in the native Palm Address Book. You will now be able to access the Palm Address Book through the Hot Button in the Phone Application and the GoodLink Address Book through the GoodLink Home Screen.

  6. John,

    That is a long mail, but definitely worht every word. Thank you for taking the time to post those instructions. Worked perfectly!!

    Onlu difference I found is that on my Treo 650, the Creator of the GoddAddressBookApp is listed as PAdd. I changed to PAd1, and it worked perfectly.



  7. Thanks, John and Dan! This “glitch” was driving me crazy, and my IT department at work was no help, so I searched the internet and found this post. Worked like a charm! Thanks again!!

  8. Wow, thanks! It’s 1:37AM right now and I have spent the lat 10 hours working on this…tearing my hair out.

    System crashes, 4 times having to reinstall goodlink…then your blog.

    Thank you! I can now try to relax and then get to sleep.

  9. This was xactly wat i wanted … Thank u … ppl started asking me if i deleted their # when i was not able to recognise em as the called id took the goodlink contacts as default and i had a ton of contacts on my sim !!!

  10. did anyone have any luck with this procedure for the Treo 600? It does not seem to be working correctly. Also, besides the address/contact app, any luck with the “to do” list and calendar as well? I don’t want Good’s “To Do” or “Calendar” to be my hotlinks/buttons. I want to access them from the icon list and leave my native Palm Calendar and To Do list intact.

    Any suggestions?


  11. Does this also work for the calendar? I want my Outlook to sync with my Palm calendar rather than the GoodLink calendar. I did the address book part, so I’m halfway there. Thanks!

  12. This advice is perfect! I was irked that I my personal contacts were replaced with GoodLinks contacts. I followed Dan’s advice about changing the creator and it works perfectly! (This is with the Treo 700P and GoodLink ver4.8.1.14_EN). Andrew

  13. For some reason, my GoodLink calendar doesn’t sync up with my office computer. I thought it did that while your email on. Did anyone else have the same problem?

  14. I love Google. I typed in fix goodlink contacts, and got this result right away.

    This fix actually improves my life drastically!

  15. Perfect! Thanks to Chad, Don and John. Just completed on my Treo 650 and worked like a charm. Followed Don and John’s instructions.

  16. This worked great with the exception that the “GoodAddressBookApp” in my Goodlink version was originally creator “PAdd”. I changed creator from “PAdd” to “PAdg” and all worked as stated in John’s notes of the December 28 post.

  17. Thank you, this is great. This has bugged me for 6 months. Any idea how to get goodlink to store email and attachments on the SD card?

    Let me know at

  18. Worked like a charm…. thanks for all those brains behind this… 🙂 🙂


  19. Worked great on my Treo 700. Like for several others, the creator was “Padd” rather than “addr”. Thanks!

  20. To change your Calendar:

    The link provided at the end of the article (to TreoCentral) provides some insight on how to do the same with the Calendar (Date Book).

    Just look for “Date Book”, make sure it’s Type is “appl”, and change the Creator like you did for the address book.

    Apparently the Creator id is not the same on all Treos, but it shouldn’t matter. The calendar app for the Treo is built into the ROM, so playing around with this *shouldn’t* break anything. Use at your own risk!

    Glad I ran into this article, it totally made my day!

  21. Your post was very helpful. For 700W, here is the 700W “FIX” –

    Simply get your IT administrator to allow you to download version 4.7.XX series of GoodLink as opposed to 4.8.x.x. version. The 4.8.x.x. series is the culprit. The 4.7.x.x. is fine.

    Worked like a charm for me. Go to “remove programs” in system settings, and completely remove 4.8.x. — do not back it up. Then, contact IT administrator and get them to name 4.7. as default. Go through Over The Air setup again, and you should be fine.

  22. YOU ARE A GOD! Thanks so much for the Goodlink override info for my Treo. Worked like a charm. So appreciate your suggestion.

  23. This does not work with my Treo 680. The native palm contact app reappeared but it launches the good contacts app even after a reset.

    Any ideas?

    I want to maintain both contact databases and apps – one for gook (corporate) and my personal one that I will hotsync.



  24. ok. GMM version on a Treo 680


    get file z.

    in the file structure look for “Samplephoneview”
    place a check next to it.
    click “details”
    change the “Type” field to “PhVg”.
    click “save” and “close

    Works PERFECT.

  25. After you do this what happens when someone in your GL address book calls you? Does thier Caller ID info appear or will it just be the number?

  26. Phone app still doesn’t use Palm contacts for caller ID (names, pictures, designated ringtones). Any suggestions?

  27. I had to make 2 changes described above:

    Using filez,

    (1) Change CREATOR of GoodAddressBookApp from PAdd to PAdg

    (2) Change TYPE of GoodLinkPhoneView from PhVw to PhVg.

    Filez shows a LOT of files–to find targets quickly, use the right column menu to list by creator (step 1), then type (step 2)–thus all the PAdd’s are grouped (or all the PhVw’s.) I’m embarrassed at how long it took me to figure this out.

    I deleted nothing.

    Main screen now features Palm Contacts (along with caller ID-linked pictures and designated ringtones, on 680 embedded in Palm Contacts.)

    With GMM, still see GL Contacts, but no caller ID from GL.


    Thank you, John and Engelstein, and DNATT on Treocentral.

  28. I am perplexed… I am not a tech person so my issue is a real stumbling block for me. When I download FileZ it doesn’t show any of my files so I am stuck. I don’t know where to go from here… Help!!


  29. DASilver,

    Nice fix, this was exactly what i was looking for.

    I have come to rely on Good so much in the last year and this and my spankin new 680 just made it even sweeter!


  30. Hey guys, I uploaded FileZ, and was able change CREATOR of GoodAddressBookApp from PAdd to PAdg. I cannot locate GoodLinkPhoneView or SamplePhoneView in FileZ, however. Any suggestions?

  31. This is old, but maybe someone can help me. I am trying to fix GoodLink taking over my treo and I see a comment from John on Dec. 28 2005 that is perfect solution. One question he say “Make sure you have the ROM checked off in the upper right”. Does anyone know; does he mean that there should be a check in the box, or have the check off in the box? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.



  32. I did the change for the address book and it works perfectly. Thanks. Now I am trying to do Calendar, but the comments are a bit limited here. There Seems to be only one Date Book entry and it is when I have ROM Checked. I am a bit concerned about changing this, does anyone know, is that the one to change?

  33. One last post from me for anyone who cares. I used the suggested change for contacts and it worked perfect, changing “GoodAddressBookApp” to PAdd to PAd1. For my calendar, talked to Palm and they suggested I go to Preferences (Application under home button) Go to personal > Buttons, look at pull down next to the calendar button, there are two calendar options, select the one at the bottom of the list (this is the treo calendar). That did the trick for me. Now I have my palm/treo contacts on the soft button on the screen, Palm/treo Calendar on the hard calendar button and my goodlink email on the hard mail button. I’m set. Thanks for the help and good luck to anyone else looking for this fix.

  34. Thank you to all the folks who wrote comments for this fix. I have used Palm for 10 yrs and didn’t want to give up my contacts database of 1200 people whilst moving to Good for data apps. Thank you!

  35. I have the Treo 680 and I’d be ok with Good taking over the default app for contacts if only I could figure out how to just get to my old Palm contacts without having to do FileZ or anything else. When I had the 650 it wasn’t a problem but now on the 680, I can’t even figure out how to find my old contacts. Any ideas? Thanks!

  36. (1) Change CREATOR of GoodAddressBookApp from PAdd to PAdg

    (2) Change TYPE of GoodLinkPhoneView from PhVw to PhVg.

    This worked on a 680 running v4.9.2.30_en. Good support whas not helpful in this regard

  37. This is going a little backwords, but I would like for Good Contacts to be my default contacts. I am using GoodLink ver4.8.1.14_EN and I can see my SIM contacts fine, but I do not need them. Is there way to reverse engineer into this glitch? All help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  38. I dont want to disable the Good contacts I just want to be able to have my native contacts on the Treo 700p for information and to use for SMS. I want to be able to sync the native contacts with causing a problem with the Good contacts. Is that possible ?


  39. I just purchased a Motorola Q and installed Goodlink. I am having the same issue with the Q as I had with my Treo, i.e., the Good contacts are now the default. I was able to fix it on the Treo, but can’t find any advice as to how it can be fixed on the Q. Anyone figure this out yet?

  40. How do I restore the original Palm Button function for the Calendar?
    The Contacts button works great now. Thanks.

  41. Hi Nahum, If you haven’t already discovered this, you go to your application select prefs > then scroll down to Personal and select buttons you will see the calendar button select the pull down menu and choose the calendar option at the bottom of the list (there are two calendar choices the one at the top is the good calendar the one at the bottom is the treo calendar.

    good luck

  42. Absolutely the most simple of solutions that fixed a stupid problem that should not have been there in the first place. I’m thrilled that I found this blog of information. Now if only Good would not eat the life of the Treo 680 battery in only a few hours!

  43. Ok this sort of worked on the 680, however, after deleting the goodaddress file with Filez all I kept getting was a blank screen whenever i used ANY contact shortcut. Totally freaking out not yet wanting to do a hard reset i did several softs, still no use unitl i stumbled along another blog that said to:
    Use Filez and modify the attributes of the GoodLinkPhoneView —>Change the type from PhVw to PhVg to enable palm contacts.
    Yay!!! It finally worked, i’m thinking it was a combination of the two steps.

  44. Thanks guys for the posts!
    But I hava an extra problem. Some of my Goodlink contacts in my GL are not updated and others are not there until you search for them. Is there anyway to push all contacts to the TReo again through Good? How do I get it to automatilcally show email addr. for John when I type “jo..”? Right now I have to search on his name and select, and the next time I have to do the same again.
    Sorry for the long comment, but it has been bugging me for a while.

  45. Sorry, GoodLink broke it again with the newer software version v4.9.3.21_EN.

    On a Treo 680, using FileZ, the creator for “GoodLinkPhoneView-C4GL” is now “C4GL”, and changing it doesn’t seem to help. Strange that they now put the creator in the app name itself. “GoodAddressBookApp” still has a creator of “PAdd”. Changing it to “PAdg” didn’t help either.

    I can’t understand why Good wouldn’t simply just provide a checkbox, or other option, to disable hijacking of contacts. Let the user decide what contacts they prefer. Perhaps Good doesn’t realize that some people have lives outside of work!

  46. How do I sync my goodlink contacts to my palm contacts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  47. Found another peeve in that every time Good restarts, it resets the button assignments I have made in prefs. Any idea how to stop this hijacking of my button prefs each time a restart occurs?

  48. This does not work with Treo 680 and Good v4.9.3.21_EN.

    The following does.

    1) Obtain the FileZ program from: (This is a free file manager program for the Palm OS that gives you access to many hidden files and databases within the Palm OS.)

    2) Load the filez.prc file on the Palm device, either through HotSynching or through OTA Software Distribution.

    3) Once you’ve loaded the FileZ program on your Palm device, run the program.

    4) Click on the View and Edit Files button.

    5. Next, use FileZ to find the file GoodAddressBookApp.prc

    6. Delete or move it to your memory card.

    7. Next, use FileZ to find the file GoodLinkPhoneView-C4GL.prc

    8. Delete or move it to your memory card.

    9. Soft Reset your Treo, this is most easily done by removing the battery and putting it back.

    10) You have now made the native Palm Address Book the default Address Book/Contacts program on your Treo. This is the program that the Palm OS will use to tie into its hardware. All Hot Buttons will default to the native Palm Address Book, and features like Caller ID will only work with entries in the native Palm Address Book. You will now be able to access the Palm Address Book through the Hot Button in the Phone Application and the GoodLink Address Book through the GoodLink Home Screen.

  49. Thanks for this. It does work to allow buttons to be assigned to native apps, but if I go to prefs and set the buttons to specific apps they get changed every time that Good starts or resets.

    The default assignment for “option + Calendar” is Compose and I want to assign this to the native Palm calendar. Then to access Good calendar I use the Calendar button alone and for native Palm I use Option + Calendar. When Good resets/restarts this button is reset to compose. I’m trying to prevent this from happening and my having to re-assign buttons every time Good resets/restarts.

    Any other ideas?

  50. Thanks so much for putting this invaluable information out there. I keep coming back to this site because I seem to have problems every 6 months or so due to upgrades, etc. I just got a new 680, and I’m having the same problem as Doug. Just figured out (the hard way) that the fix for my new 680 wasn’t the same for my old 650! Got almost everything where I wanted it to be, but I can’t get the button preferences to stay.

  51. I just want to thank Dave and everyone else for helping me get my Treo 680 working with GoodLink so my caller ID works and I can use MY contacts and not GoodLink’s stupid contacts.

    I sent an email to goodlink stating the following and I think that if they get enough emails they will actually implement a fix for this. Here is what I said:

    I work for (My Company) in New York City and my company employs GoodLink to provide me with my push email on my Treo 680. Long story short, I do not want to use Good Contacts. This is my personal phone and I want to use MY contacts, not the massive contact database that my company maintains in Outlook. There are hundreds if not thousands of Treo users who use their phones just like I do and we are forced to circumvent your GoodLink contacts so we can use our phones in the manner we wish to use them.

    It has popped up in countless forums and the main question that keeps getting asked is, “why don’t they just allow us to either use the goodlink contacts or our own contacts.” It really is a simple question and it should have a simple answer. Please allow Treo Users to make their own decision and choose between contacts. The fact that you essentially hijack our ability to use our contacts makes your software less useful and makes your GoodLink a “BADLink”.

    Please make these changes, and in turn make the thousands of Treo users out there embrace your software.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me as I want to see these changes go into effect ASAP. I will provide my phone number if necessary.

  52. Thanks so much for this fix! Question thoug, on a Treo 680, after I enabled the native Palm Address Book, I lost ability to do that quick look up by typing a name in the To: field of a new text message. I’m forced to “Lookup in Contacts”. Any ideas? PS in doing the 10 steps listed above, I may have already deleted the GoodAddressBookApp.prc because I couldn’t find it.

  53. I am a Sprint Treo 755p user running Good Mobile Messaging v4.9.3.21_EN. I also have Lightwav installed, for what it’s worth.

    My problem was that Good had hijacked my Palm contacts. Caller ID would not work. I could not look up a contact from the phone app. I could not automatically add a contact after receiving and concluding a call using the “do you want to add a new contact” option. Even when I went to applications and selected the Palm contacts, did a look up and concluded the call, Good would take me to the Good contacts page instead of back to the Palm contacts so that I could, for example, dial the same person at a different number. Instead of all of these functions, I got the dreaded Good contacts page.

    SOLUTION — I followed the advice of two users above. Look at the following posts:

    John on December 28th, 2005 at 2:55 pm


    Dan on January 9th, 2006 at 8:19 am

    I modified John’s advice with Dan’s advice and that did the trick! I followed John’s steps and like Dan I noted that on the Treo 755p the “Creator” of the GoddAddressBookApp is listed as “PAdd”. Like Dan, I changed to “PAd1”, and it worked perfectly. No need for a reset.

    Palm contacts are now my default contacts. All functionality is restored AND I can still use the Good contacts when I am in the Good application. Best of all worlds.

    A small personal note: Fuck you to Good for not making this a check box option in the Good application and for making me waste hours of time to get to this point. I like Good otherwise. Thank you to the people who posted and who helped.

  54. When I try to download Filez directly onto my Palm or on my Mac I get no permission. What is the solution ?

  55. I have the same problem as Tom from 07/31/07. Is there a replacement file for Filez? or does anyone have this file?

  56. For those poor unfortunate souls like myself that have 700w and cannot use FileZ, there is a handy and robust (did I mention ‘free’?
    ) File Explorer tool called ‘Resco’ that does the same.,984.html

    Unfortunately, the Good file names indicated above do not show up in a search of the device.

    Does anyone have a tip on how to prevent the hijacking of Outlook contacts and calendar by Goodlink on a Treo 700W (with windows os)?

    (I tried the 10/9/07 post suggestions, but i was already running – so 4.8 is not the culprit in my case)

    Many thanks in advance!

  57. I’ve got a Cingular Treo 680, running Good

    All I did was:
    Using FileZ, change TYPE of GoodLinkPhoneView from PhVw to PhVg.

    My phone reset shortly after doing this (was going to do this anyway), but everything works like I want it now.

    Caller ID now shows my personal contact names and pics. The native Contacts app now brings up my personal contacts, and the Contacts button in the phone app now shows my personal contacts.

    My company contacts (in my Exchange mailbox) are still available via the Good Contacts app.


  58. Simon, your 12/30 advise was wonderful. ALMOST everything works perfectly. I am able to get my e-mail, and the Contacts are my personal (Outlook) contacts instead of GoodLink Contacts. However, my pictures do not appear with the Caller ID, and my ringtones through Ringo do not work. Any suggestions??


    I have a Treo 680 with 2.11-ATT software and R01.91 firmware and recently installed Goodlink v5.0.3.25:EN
    I used fileZ to change the GoodLink Phone Book file from PhVw to PhVg. This allowed me to use my Outlook contacts as my main phone book. It also pulls up caller ID**. However, it does not show pictures nor use the ringtones assigned to each contact.

    I am using Ringo v4.455 and it worked perfectly on both my 650 with Goodlink, and on my 680 prior to installing Goodlink.

    **After a little testing, the caller ID is NOT working off of the Outlook contacts – it’s working off of the “favorites” list that I entered separately. That’s good news. I think that once I get the calls to actually point to the Outlook Contacts, that Ringo will function as designed. On the blog that suggested the FileZ change, it stated “I’ve got a Cingular Treo 680, running Good” Since I am using a higher version GoodLink, maybe there is a different “fix”.

  60. Treo 700p (Verizon)
    Good Mobile Messaging v5.0.3.23_EN

    using FileZ i deleted the Good Address Book app.

    What works:
    caller id, photo id, ringtones and dial by contact all use my Palm Address Book.

    What doesn’t work:
    I don’t have the ability to type a contact’s name for sms/mm. I have to go to the contact list first, highlight the number then click the message button.

    SMS/MMS that i receive will resolve and show the contact as it’s listed in my address book though.

  61. Had the same problem using Good Mobile Messaging 5.03.23 on my Verizon Centro. Unbelievable they still haven’t addressed this after so long.

    Anyway, followed the same basic instructions as above… followed John’s steps, but like Dan found that on my Centro the creator attribute of GoodAddressBookApp is “PAdd”. I modified it to “PAd1″, saved, exited FileZ, and now everything appears to be back to normal.

  62. On as regards work with Palm files exactly i don’t know,but possible tis tool able do it-fix outlook 2000 contacts list,program, that is 100% compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server, that is why it represents one of the most popular mail clients,restore all emails, contacts, messages, tasks and calendars are stored on server, not on your PC,recover contacts from ost, repair contacts Outlook and restore all data, that was considered to be lost,can become seriously damaged after hacker or virus attack, that’s why, your mailbox, as well as all other mailboxes, can be deleted and recreated,can export contacts to *.vcf files, that can be exported to Personal Information Management (PIM) tools or Windows Address Book.

  63. On my Treo 680, I changed CREATOR of GoodAddressBookApp and TYPE of GoodLinkPhoneView, and it’s been serving me fine for the last year or so.

    However, I was just beamed a contact the other day, and it would only put it in Good Contacts. Any ideas how I can change that to the built-in contacts?


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