What is a mashup? Fun on the streets of Dublin (video)

I went to Dublin recently to give a talk at Mashup Camp and had an incredible time on my first visit there. The talk (slides here) got good reviews and I really enjoyed spending time with the Irish developer community. David Berlind puts it nicely when he wrote: “There in Ireland, the same patriotic glue that binds the locals together can also be found binding the local developers together for a family-like comaradarie — one into which technologists from Europe, the US and anywhere else are very warmly welcomed — one that I’m not sure I’ve observed elsewhere.”

The warmth and good humor of the people I met in Dublin (along with the puzzled looks at Irish immigration when I said I was in Dublin for “Mashup Camp”) inspired a simple idea for a video: what would random people on the streets of Dublin say if we asked them “what is a mashup?” Tom Hughes-Croucher and I shot the video you see below (if you can’t see the video in your feedreader, click here). It’s silly and has essentially zero tech content, but it provides a clear reminder to us techies that whether you’re in Dublin, London, San Francisco, or anyplace else, the average person on the street is puzzled by our strange language.


A shout-out to Yahoo! Developer Network video editor/producer Ricky Montalvo for the most memorable slow-mo sequence in the burgeoning developer relations video genre, and thanks to John Musser at ProgrammableWeb for linking to the video.