Changed WordPress template

Over the past several months, I gradually butchered my last WordPress template, so I’m starting fresh today with Cutline 3-column split.

RSS-only readers, move along, there’s nothing here to see. . . .

update: I just realized that I unwittingly chose the same template as Cameron Marlow, which means it must be good. Cameron is a man of taste (note that he chose the more elegant two column theme, versus my three).

Mashup Camp Dublin: geeking out in the land of Joyce

I’m going to be at Mashup Camp Dublin this weekend (see the post over at the Yahoo! Developer Network blog).

Aside from the tech festivities, I am looking forward to spending a little time getting to know Dublin. Besides being a home brewing nerd, I spent a lot of time in college studying James Joyce and I count Dubliners as one of my favorite books of short stories. I’m a digital packrat, so I have digital copies of all of my college papers, including a couple I wrote about Dubliners:

Perhaps someone out there will draw some inspiration from my own hopelessly bourgeois self-absorbed college writings. 😉

In any case, if you’re in Dublin and want to get together for a pint to chat about tech, beer, or James Joyce, drop me a line (chad -AT- or just come to Mashup Camp and say hello. I’m really looking forward to the trip!