The wonders of the Internet: Saigon calling

I couldn’t sleep this morning, so I got up at about 4:30am and twittered one of those meaningless messages that was really just a “hey, is anyone up?” sort of thing. Shortly thereafter, I got a direct message via Twitter from a friend in Vietnam who I had been trying to hook up with recently saying, “still up?” I IM’ed him immediately to say I was, then he called me on his VoIP line from Saigon. It was 8pm there and the Halloween festivities were just winding down — you could hear the sounds of his sugar-amped kids in the background. We had a nice chat.

Wow, this Internet thing is just huge.

Bangalore Open Hack Day

Bangalore Open Hack Day is going on right now — wish I was there! My trip to Bangalore last year for our internal Hack Day and BarCamp Bangalore the next day was amazing (I never did get around to writing something longer on that experience, as I intimated in this blog post).

Good luck to everyone involved (and may the weather be with you — looks likes the wind has already entered the picture).

Can’t wait to see what emerges. With hackers like Premshree involved, it’s guaranteed to be good.

The relaunch of the Industry Standard

The NYT is reporting that the Industry Standard is relaunching at IDG, led by InfoWorld CTO Derek Butcher. With Derek involved, the probability for success is high (when I left InfoWorld for Yahoo, right after speaking with our CEO about my departure, I said, “don’t post the job or interview anyone else — promote Derek immediately.” It wasn’t a difficult choice.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out! I have enormous respect for IDG and the people there (see my ode to founder and chairman Pat McGovern to see one reason why).