The miracle on I-580

C.C. MyersIn a world where the-sky-is-falling sensationalist media is the norm, the conclusion to the saga of the collapsed freeway here in the Bay Area is downright inspiring: the contractor (C.C. Myers) finished the job early! When is the last time things came together so nicely on a highway project? Wow! The lede (as they say in the biz) in the SF Gate story is absolutely gripping:

For a man whose confidence in his construction company borders on braggadocio, C.C. Myers was noticeably nervous on the ninth night after he promised to rebuild the fire-damaged MacArthur Maze in just 25 days.

Read on for the most engaging story you’ve ever read about highway construction. On the day of the collapse, all I heard was how horrible traffic was going to be (it never was that bad) and how it was going to takes months and years to correct (obviously not). C.C. Myers showed how it’s done. No matter what field you’re in, you just have to admire the planning and execution.

If C.C. Myers doesn’t throw out the first pitch at the next A’s or Giants game, get a statue at City Hall, and a key to every city in the Bay Area, I will be disappointed. Amazing job! The Bay Area appreciates it.