See you in Austin for SXSW

Whew — it’s been a crazy week. I was at eTech earlier this week (a little hectic with the Checkmates prototype rolling out) and didn’t get to hang out and chat with people quite as much as I wanted. Then, in an unfortunate calendaring incident, I had rebooked a few days in Tahoe after postponing a planned trip in December to run the first Hack Day at Yahoo. Those days happened to be sandwiched right between eTech and SXSW, so I flew straight from San Diego to Reno/Tahoe on Wednesday, and now I’m sitting in the Reno/Tahoe airport waiting for my plane to Austin for SXSW.

I’m really excited about going to SXSW. I have been all over Texas, but never Austin. Over the past few years, I’ve watched from afar as it seems like lots of people are down there having fun this time of year.

Anyway, if you saw me at eTech and I looked a little rushed and preoccupied, well, I was — so be sure to say hello in Austin!