The value of GTD

It’s been over a month since I started flirting around the margins of GTD, and it’s working pretty well. My inbox sits at about 200 messages, which isn’t bad for the volume of e-mail I get. I’m finding it quite easy to focus on what I need to be doing at any given moment.

In a work conversation today, though, something rolled off my tongue that really put the whole experience in context for me. I said jokingly to a colleague, “Look, my e-mail is so well-organized that I know exactly what I’m not getting done.” There’s certainly great value in that, but I would hardly call it the “mind like water” state that was promised. Still, I strongly recommend it. At least when you know what you can’t do, you use some other bits of the GTD system to make sure it doesn’t just fall through the cracks (still need to write in more detail about my experience, but it’s still on my “defer” list).