Notes from Mashup Camp

Unfortunately for me, some pressing work obligations came up on the second day of Mashup Camp so I wasn’t able to attend, but I did make it the first day and had a great time while I was there. I apologize to people I missed. David Berlind and Doug Gold did an amazing job putting it all together and deserve massive praise. has a nice story about the camp and how it all works.

A few quick random notes (work is insanely busy these days, so this will be short):

In one session, (“Chicagocrime and the ScrapePI“), I watched Adrain Holovaty demonstrate his amazing super mashup.

Did you know Wikipedia has a third-party API? I didn’t: This an example of a “ScrapePI,” an API against information that has been scraped.

I also talked with Chris Law about some of the stuff we’ve been doing at Yahoo, particularly the “hack days” I’ve been running (explained very well by Jeremy after our first one). One of the reasons I’m so bummed about missing the second day is that I really wanted to see how the Mashup Camp hackathon went compared to our Yahoo! hack days. According to Edward O’Connor, Podbop won the “Best Mashup” award (check out the other entrants with vote totals). Congrats!