and API metrics

Although I’m not as engaged with the topics of software and services for the enterprise as I used to be, I’m still keeping up with what’s going on at I was a customer in my InfoWorld days and also wrote some nice things about their web services platform early on in its development. When it comes to APIs and “web as platform,” Salesforce has always been a trailblazer.

A recent post from Adam Gross on the sforce blog provides a glimpse of the mix of API usage vs. the web application itself and the numbers are really exciting:

. . . from our modest beginnings with Sforce 1.0, we’ve seen the Sforce Web service API grow to account for over 40% of all of’s total traffic. Think about that for a minute – the API is almost as heavily used as the Web application.


(A hat tip to Charlie Wood for pointing this out in his blog)