Opera, the Amiga of web browsers

The news of the Opera browser’s tenth anniversary came from two different directions today: via Scott Rosenberg in my news aggregator, and via David Wheeler in IM. You can get a free registration code today from this page. I’ve tried Opera before but never quite switched. Still, it’s a reminder that IE and Firefox aren’t the only browser games in town.

I got the title of this post from one of my old InfoWorld columns. I think the larger point of that column (that Firefox could be the wedge that leads to the open source desktop) was lost by the (mildly) perturbed Opera fans who didn’t like being compared to Amiga, and the slightly more irritated Amiga fans who didn’t like being compared to Opera (see the comments from this post). I’ll admit that it was a superficial comparison, but as an aside within the column, it made a certain point.

The histories of both Amiga and Opera are extensively documented on the continually-amazing Wikipedia — well worth reading.